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Shared hosting services

The low-cost LITE (€4.90 EUR per month) packages are all powered by one of the most cutting-edge cloud hosting platforms discoverable on today's web hosting market. What's impressive here is that the cloud website hosting system has been solely developed by Hosting NOLIMITS. It's in-house designed. And there is more. There are 4 datacenter locations this first-rate cloud hosting system is available at: in the United States, in England, in Sweden and in Australia. You can also examine the cloud hosting demo account - watch out for the audio/video demonstrations located there. If you have no clue what cloud website hosting actually is, take a glance at the website hosting article.

Hosting Details PRO LITE TOP
Monthly Cost
Disk Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Web Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Site Names Unlimited 1 Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mail Addresses Unlimited 100 Unlimited
FTPs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Single-click Web Apps Installer
Web Site Installer
Free Domain Name Activation
Free Web Site Design Layouts
Repayment Warranty
Web Service Continuity