16 Healthy Plant Based Milks in Your Mug

From allergies to intolerances, from a focus on health to a preference in flavor, many people are finding reasons to give healthy plant based milks a try. Although such milks certainly aren’t a new concept, the availability of options in this category seems to continually expand. In fact, here we’re going to list 16 different varieties of milks all derived from plants.

1- Almond milk

Almond milk

Let’s kick things off with a classic. 

Cornering 63% of the plant based milk market, almond milk is considered the most popular dairy alternative. 

Super light and slightly creamy, this milk is the foam king when it comes to coffee! 

That’s right, all those pretty and incredibly tasty lattes you see posted all over social media, both hot and iced, can be made with almond milk. 

This nut milk creates a super stable foam to use atop your coffee, hot or cold. 

Now, of course, you can simply add warmed almond milk to your hot coffee or a splash of refrigerated almond milk to your iced coffee or cold brew, but if you’re really going for looks and desire a layer of smooth velvety foam to rest on top of your brew, almond milk delivers consistently.

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