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Myths and facts about green smoothies

Have you ever tried green smoothies? Do you know their benefits? This article will focus on the facts about green smoothies as well as bust some myths about them.

Green smoothies have become part of the diet of millions of people around the world. Today we will therefore talk about myths and facts about green smoothies.

These smoothies have recently become very popular thanks to famous people expressing interest in them. Recipes for these smoothies combine fruits, vegetables, seeds, and other healthy ingredients.

They are perfect for diets or to be included in healthy lifestyles. But despite that, there are many misconceptions regarding their benefits,  mainly in the form of exaggerations.

So how true is the fact people often spread about green smoothies? What are they actually good for? In this article, we will address these issues and examine some misconceptions.

Myths about green smoothies

Myth #1: Green smoothies make you slim

Including healthy smoothies in one’s regular diet can seem like a perfect way to get rid of fat that tends to accumulate in different parts of the body. But it is a truth with modification.

Your daily intake of green smoothies does not make a significant difference to your body weight.


  • These drinks combine two or three different fruits, which means you actually increase your intake of sugar and calories.
  • When blended, these fruits and vegetables lose much of their fiber, reducing the digestive benefits. Chewing helps to satisfy hunger and reduce anxiety. Therefore, it is better to eat whole fruits and vegetables than to drink them.

One cannot attribute “slimming” properties to any individual food or product. Weight loss is a process that includes several different lifestyle factors, not just food.

Myth #2: it’s better to drink smoothies than to eat whole fruits and vegetables

Green smoothies are healthy – it’s absolutely true. What is not true is that their properties are better than those of whole fruits and vegetables.

It is acceptable to include them in your diet to get more nutrients, but it is also true that the ingredients may lose some of their nutrients in the process.


  • Fruits and vegetables can lose vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants when pressed.
  • When left whole and in good condition, they retain all their nutrients.

Myth #3: green smoothies cleanse the body

One of the reasons why green smoothies have become so popular is that they are claimed to be able to “cleanse” or “cleanse” the body.

The combination of fruits and vegetables with high chlorophyll content seems to be perfect for removing toxins retained in the body.

However, a simple potion cannot achieve this on its own.

Nutrients in these drinks may be useful and beneficial to health, but organs such as the kidneys and liver are what cleanse the body of toxins.


These drinks can give you an extra dose of nutrients that help support the function of these organs and thus help cleanse the body.

But if the person does not have a healthy lifestyle, little or nothing will happen to “cleanse” or “purify” the body.

Facts about green smoothies

Fact #1: green smoothies help the body’s fluid balance

One truth about green smoothies is that they are good at rehydrating the body. But that doesn’t mean you should rely on them for your fluid.

There is nothing better than water when it comes to the body’s fluid balance. It has zero calories and is vital for many functions in the body.


  • A healthy smoothie is not enough to maintain fluid balance. It is necessary to drink several glasses of water a day, in addition to drinking smoothies.
  • Some fruits and vegetables are more hydrating than others. Therefore, it is important to know how best to combine them to make the drink more hydrating.

Fact #2: there are benefits to drinking healthy smoothies

Although it is false that smoothies have supernatural benefits for health and weight,  they can provide many positive benefits.

  • They are not harmful.
  • Their calorie content is moderate.
  • They contain vitamins, minerals, and natural sugars that help the body get more energy.

Important closing thoughts

  • Healthy smoothies should always be seen as a supplement to the diet. They should not replace main meals and should not be drunk to excess.
  • Drinking these smoothies is almost always harmless. However, it is recommended to speak to a doctor if you suffer from diseases or take medication.

Improve digestion with papaya and almond milk

This smoothie can help you improve your digestion and get rid of gas. But if the problem doesn’t go away, you need to see a doctor to rule out other complications.

Digestion is a complex set of processes with the task of absorbing nutrients from food and then removing the waste that the body does not need. You can improve digestion with papaya and almond milk.

A well-functioning digestive system is important for health and also affects metabolism, hormonal health, and emotions.

The problem is that even if you have a good diet, you can sometimes suffer from digestive problems.

This can cause inflammatory reactions, pain, gas, and a variety of symptoms that can affect your daily activities.

As the problems are not so serious, you can control them by taking advantage of certain types of food.

In this article, we will suggest a smoothie with papaya and almond milk to improve digestion and prevent heartburn, constipation, and other gastric ailments. Try it today!

Smoothie with papaya and almond milk to improve digestion

A smoothie with papaya and almond milk can ease digestive problems.

Its combination of ingredients soothes the burning sensation caused by those gastric juices and also reduces inflammation.

  • Contains large amounts of papain, an enzyme that regulates digestion and prevents problems such as constipation.
  • Contributes fiber and inflammatory components that help restore bowel movements to get rid of gas and waste.
  • Contributes to a smaller amount of omega-3 fatty acids and essential amino acids that regulate the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve stomach pain and reduce bloated stomach.
  • Is good for joint health, not only because it removes toxins, but also because it counteracts inflammation and fluid retention.
  • Does not contain lactose, which means it is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.

How to make a smoothie to improve digestion with papaya and almond milk

It will only take you a few minutes to prepare this papaya and almond milk smoothie.

You can prepare it when you feel that you have problems with your stomach or you can simply drink it daily to improve your digestion.

Almond milk is high in calories, but it won’t make you gain weight, instead helps the body maintain appropriate energy levels.

We recommend that you prepare your own almond milk to be sure that it is 100% organic. You can also buy it, but many brands contain sugar and unhealthy chemical additives.


  • 3 ripe papaya slices
  • 2 dl almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


  • Cut the papaya into slices and then put them in the blender.
  • Add almond milk and run the mixer at the highest speed.
  • Mix the ingredients until you get a liquid without lumps.
  • If you prefer a sweeter taste, you can add a tablespoon of honey.

How to take it

  • Drink this smoothie on an empty stomach and wait at least 30 minutes before eating breakfast.
  • Drink up to twice a day, but no more if you want to avoid taking in too many calories.
  • Enjoy the drink 2-3 times per week or when you feel that you have problems with digestion.

Think of…

Drinking this smoothie is a good supplement to improve your digestion. However, it is important that you also improve your general dietary habits, especially if you consume a lot of fat and refined products.

  • Make sure you eat between 5-6 portions of fruit and vegetables per day.
  • Replace refined flour with whole grain.
  • Don’t forget to take in fatty acids, amino acids, and dietary fiber.
  • Increase your daily water intake.
  • Also, exercise and avoid stressful situations.

Do you often have problems with digestion? If you regularly have problems with gas and stomach pains, you should talk to a doctor.

5 energizing smoothies with avocado

If you drink these smoothies, you will not only get energy for the whole day, but it can also help you get rid of other problems that may affect your health.

When you combine avocado with different ingredients, you can create energy-saving smoothies that provide strength and energy. These smoothies with avocado will help you get through the day in the best possible way.

Why avocado is so special to have in smoothies thanks to its high content of minerals and vitamins, including:

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D, A, C, E, K
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Folic acid, which is a very important nutrient
  • Fiber

All these components make avocado one of the best foods to include in the diet because it provides the nutrients the body needs to stay healthy.

Avocado can be consumed in many different ways, you can both eat and drink it, and one of the options is to make smoothies with avocado, which are both energizing and relatively low in calories.

Drinking avocado smoothies is the best way to get all the benefits of the fruit and keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

If you want some simple and quick recipes, read on!

1. Energizing smoothies with avocado and yogurt

Natural yogurt contains lactic acid and bacteria that keep you energized throughout the day. In addition, it also prevents harmful bacteria from developing in the intestines.


  • 1 avocado
  • 2 dl milk
  • 2 tablespoons honey (50 g)
  • 125 g natural yogurt
  • 5 almonds
  • Ice (choose whether or how much you want)


  • Cut the avocado in two and remove the core.
  • Scoop out the mass with a teaspoon and put it in the blender.
  • Then add milk, yogurt, and ice and blend for 2 minutes.
  • Pour into a glass.
  • Add honey and almonds.

How to drink the smoothie

  • We suggest that you drink 1 glass (about 2 1/2 dl) of this smoothie on an empty stomach. In this way, the body will be able to absorb its many nutrients more easily, and you will be able to keep your energy levels up for the rest of the day.

2. Avocado smoothie with apple

Apples are not only a fruit that gives you energy for the day, they also help you to:

  • Lose weight
  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Relieve constipation and other indigestion

Apple combined with avocado gives you a smoothie with many good benefits for your overall health.


  • 1 apple
  • 2 dl soy milk
  • 2 tablespoons fresh mint (20 grams)
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 avocado


  • Wash the apple thoroughly, cut it open and remove the cores.
  • Cut the avocado in half, remove the core and scoop out the pulp with a teaspoon.
  • Place all ingredients in a blender.
  • Blend until you have an even mixture.
  • Then pour it into a pitcher.

How to drink the smoothie

  • To get the most out of the benefits, we recommend that you drink 1 to 2 glasses of this smoothie over the course of a week, preferably on an empty stomach.
  • It is also important to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water to keep the body completely healthy.

3. Energizing smoothies with avocado and pineapple

Pineapple not only has many anti-inflammatory properties – this tropical fruit can also provide our bodies with vitamins and minerals that help fight:

  • Arthritis, or joint rheumatism
  • Gout
  • Stomach and intestinal problems

Pineapple also contains a large amount of liquid which helps to hydrate the body. For a healthy, low-calorie, and energizing smoothie with avocado and pineapple, you need:


  • 1 avocado
  • 2 1/2 dl pineapple (150 grams)
  • The juice from 2 oranges
  • 1 banana


  • Squeeze the oranges and pour the juice into the blender.
  • Split the avocado, remove the core and scoop out the pulp with a spoon.
  • Peel the banana and cut it into small pieces.
  • Place the avocado, banana, and pineapple in the blender.
  • Blend to a smooth mixture and serve in a glass.

How to drink the smoothie

  • We suggest that you drink between 1 and 2 glasses of this smoothie per day for 2 weeks. It gives you energy while cleansing your body.

4. Avocado and banana smoothie

Bananas are the best fruit when you need a little more energy in life, not only because of the high sugar content that gives the body an instant energy boost but also because they contain large amounts of fiber.


  • 1 avocado
  • 1 banana
  • 2 tablespoons of flax seeds (20 grams)
  • 125 g yogurt


  • Split the avocado, remove the core and scoop out the pulp.
  • Peel the banana and cut it into small pieces.
  • Place all ingredients in a blender except the flax seeds.
  • Blend until the drink is smooth.
  • Pour into a glass.
  • Then add the flax seeds.

How to drink the smoothie

  • In preparation for an energy-filled day, we suggest you drink a glass straight away in the morning. Do this for a week.
  • This smoothie is especially recommended for those who are regularly physically active.

5. Energizing smoothies with avocado and nuts

Nuts are rich in fatty acids that are important for the cardiovascular system, as they help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol while being a rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


  • 1 avocado
  • 2 1/2 dl nuts (150 grams)
  • 2 tablespoons honey (50 g)
  • Two cups of milk


  • Let the nuts soak for at least 6 hours.
  • Then cut the avocado in half, remove the core and scoop out the pulp with a spoon.
  • Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until the mixture is smooth.
  • Then serve in a glass.

How to drink this smoothie

  • We recommend drinking 1 to 2 glasses of this smoothie in the afternoon after you have eaten lunch.

Learn how to make three delicious papaya smoothies

Papaya smoothies are healthy drinks that you can enjoy as a snack. Because they are low in calories and provide fiber, they can help improve digestion.

Have you tried making delicious papaya smoothies?

Fruit smoothies have become one of the healthiest snack choices. Thanks to their combination of low-calorie ingredients, they are a useful way to tame the appetite.

In this article, we will teach you how to make three different delicious papaya smoothies.

The nutritional value of papaya

Papaya is a tropical fruit that comes from the  Carica papaya tree. Although native to Central America, it grows today in many other parts of the world.

Thanks to its enzymes, antioxidants, and fiber, it helps promote digestion and cardiovascular health.

Regular consumption of papaya can help you meet your body’s nutritional needs. This fruit is not only low in calories and full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; it also contains an enzyme called papain that improves digestion and promotes weight loss.

Papaya also contains:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fibers
  • Protein
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Folate (vitamin B9)
  • Potassium
  • Traces of calcium, magnesium and vitamins B1, B3, B5, E and K

Three delicious papaya smoothies

There are several reasons why you should try these papaya smoothies for a snack. First of all, it’s easy to make because you only need a few healthy ingredients.

Furthermore, regular consumption will improve digestion and optimize the elimination of waste.

It is also an excellent supplement for those who want to lose weight because it keeps you full for longer and reduces cravings for sweets.

Want to try them? Below we give you three recipes for delicious papaya smoothies.

1. Papaya and kefir smoothie

This smoothie is a perfect digestive drink thanks to its probiotics and enzymes that regulate intestinal flora and optimize digestion.

The best part is that it is delicious and fills you up.


  • 60 ml kefir
  • 1 1/4 dl chopped papaya
  • A ripe banana
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 1/4 dl water


  • Pour the kefir and the chopped papaya into the blender.
  • Then chop the ripe banana.
  • Finally, you add honey and water, after which you mix.
  • Make sure to mix it properly to get a smooth drink without lumps.

2. Papaya, mango, and cherry smoothie

By mixing healthy ingredients such as papaya, cherry, and mango, you get a tropical smoothie with large amounts of fiber and antioxidants.

These nutrients promote digestion and help boost the immune system.


  • 3 papaya slices
  • 6 cherries
  • 1/2 ripe mango
  • 2 1/2 dl water


  • To begin with, dice the papaya slices and put them in the blender.
  • Pit the cherries and add them to the blender.
  • Finally, you pour in the water and mix to make a smooth drink.
  • If you want, you can add chia or flax seeds for a different taste.

3. Delicious papaya smoothies with oats

The fiber in papaya is also an excellent way to prevent constipation and other health problems.

Oats, in turn, are filling and help regulate cholesterol levels. It is also delicious with papaya.


  • 3 papaya slices
  • 2 1/2 dl oat milk
  • 1 banana
  • Chia seeds (optional)


  • To begin with, dice the papaya.
  • Put them in the blender together with oat milk and the chopped banana.
  • After that, you mix it into a smooth and even drink.
  • If you want to add chia seeds, soak them first. This makes them taste better and also easier to eat.

Final recommendations

To enjoy delicious papaya smoothies, it is important to check how ripe the fruit is. Unripe or overripe papaya tastes different. Therefore, make sure it is yellow or orange-red.

If you press it gently, your finger should sink in a little.

A simple trick to enhance the taste of papaya is to refrigerate it before consumption. Then just cut it and remove the seeds before putting it in the blender.

4 oat milk smoothies that satisfy hunger

In this article, you will learn how to make 4-oat milk smoothies that will satisfy your hunger and help you create healthy habits.

There are many people who eat the first best thing they find when they are hungry. However, this is counterproductive for health because one should make sure to eat healthily.

Oat milk is also an excellent option for vegans as this oat-based drink contains no milk.

It is also recommended by nutritionists, as it contains many important vitamins and minerals.

Oats are rich in nutrients such as fiber, calcium, good carbohydrates, vitamin B, proteins, and amino acids.

Because it contains fiber, it’s no wonder that oats can make you feel full for hours afterward. Now let’s look at how you can make 4-oat milk smoothies that will help you to satisfy your hunger and also maintain your weight.

If there’s one thing you should remember about these smoothies, it’s “variety.” Things that are monotonous or repetitive are not as satisfying. Variety is exactly what you’ll get with these 4 oat milk smoothies.

They have different flavors, and you can always choose the one that you think tastes best at the moment.

4 oat milk smoothies that satisfy hunger

1. Oat milk and pear smoothie

To make your own oat milk, all you need to do is fill a jug with water and add oats. Stir well and let it stand for a few minutes. Then strain out the oats and use the “milk” when preparing smoothies and desserts.


  • 2 pears
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar (45 g)
  • 1 dl oat milk (your own or store-bought)
  • Ice cubes (optional)


  1. Start by washing and peeling the pears and cutting them into medium-sized pieces.
  2. Then mix all the ingredients until the drink is lump-free.
  3. Then pour it into a glass. You can add ice cubes if you want.

2. Oat milk smoothie with fruit

Fruit is perfect for satisfying hunger and staying healthy, and it’s even better with oats.

If you drink this delicious smoothie, you won’t have to get up for dinner or let your diet down by snacking on junk food.


  • 1 pear
  • 2 1/2 dl pineapple (150 g)
  • 2 dl oat milk
  • kiwi fruit (they are full of vitamin C)
  • 2 tablespoons honey (50 g)


  1. Start by peeling and cutting up the fruit.
  2. Then add the pieces together with the oat milk in a blender and mix thoroughly.
  3. Add the honey and continue mixing until there are no lumps left.
  4. Then serve in a glass with a few ice cubes and garnish with a slice of kiwi or pineapple (optional).

3. Oat milk and cranberry smoothie

Cranberries are highly recommended as they can help treat ailments such as urinary tract infections. They are also antioxidant, antiseptic, astringent, and anti-diarrheal.

Cranberries can also counteract cardiovascular diseases and have strong effects on harmful bacteria in the stomach and digestive organs.


  • 1 dl glass of oat milk
  • 1 dl cranberries (preferably fresh) (50 g)
  • 3 tablespoons stevia (45 ml)
  • ½ tbsp cinnamon (8 g)
  • Ice cubes


  1. Before you start making this smoothie, make sure you have washed the cranberries thoroughly.
  2. Then put them in a blender and pour in the oat milk. Mix well.
  3. Then add the rest of the ingredients and continue mixing until the liquid is lump-free.
  4. Finally, add the ice cubes to the blender to create a “slush”-like consistency.

4. Oat milk and banana smoothie

Most people already know that bananas are rich in potassium, but they also contain several other important nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, and E, minerals such as magnesium and zinc, as well as fiber and carbohydrates.

They do not contain fat and not many calories. So this is an excellent fruit to make smoothies with.


  • 1 dl oat milk
  • 1/2 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 sliced ​​banana
  • 2 tablespoons honey (50 g)
  • ½ tbsp cinnamon (8 g)


  1. Place the banana slices, oat milk, and yogurt in a blender.
  2. Process well, then add the other ingredients one at a time, making sure everything is mixed well.
  3. Serve and enjoy!

Enjoy a smoothie bowl for breakfast

A good quality breakfast can provide many important benefits in your life. So hold on to your hats as we tell you how to make a delicious smoothie bowl to enjoy as the first meal of the day.

It is important to end the nightly fast and start the day with a nutritious meal. Enjoying a smoothie bowl for breakfast is therefore absolutely perfect! But what exactly is a smoothie bowl?

A smoothie bowl is simply a bowl of fresh mixed fruit to which you add additional ingredients or toppings, such as muesli, oatmeal, chia seeds, or cocoa. It’s a simple meal to which you can add ingredients from different food groups to start your day full of energy and nutrition.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn more about the importance of starting your day with a proper breakfast. We’ve also included some recipes to get you started. Have a look!

The importance of a healthy breakfast

To begin with, let’s talk about the origin and meaning of the word breakfast. Basically, it means “the first meal of the day” or “to break the fast” (from the English breakfast). It can also be referred to as “a proper meal that you take before the work day begins.”

In fact, from a nutritional standpoint, experts say you can’t have a good metabolism if you skip breakfast. This is because you need a suitable source of energy and good nutrients to support your body’s functions during the day. When you skip breakfast, your body instead turns to its reserves of body fat and muscle to get what it needs.

Fortunately, some healthy breakfasts are easy to prepare, and also help maintain your well-being. Some examples are toasted wholemeal bread with turkey and tomato, oatmeal or muesli, or a smoothie bowl that has everything your metabolism requires.

The benefits of eating breakfast

Given that it is the first nutrient of the day, this meal can help to:

  • Improve your intellectual performance
  • Help you get an optimal nutritional intake
  • Prevent nutritional deficiencies
  • Give you the right distribution of energy during the day (this is good for maintaining your body weight)
  • Promote normal development in children
  • Prevent obesity and chronic diseases associated with energy balance

Recipes for smoothie bowls that are nutritious and easy to prepare

It seems that smoothies are not as popular today as they once were. However, they have been replaced by these nutritious smoothie bowls. In fact, these bowls are much more filling, and they only take a few minutes to prepare. So there is no excuse not to start the day with a nutritious, appetizing, and simple breakfast.

Smoothie bowl with blackberries and banana

Ingredients for 2 servings

  • 3.75 dl frozen blackberries, or other berries you prefer
  • 1½ frozen bananas (we recommend slicing the bananas before freezing them)
  • 2 tablespoons of peanut butter or 1 scoop of protein powder
  • 1.25 dl cold water
  • Ice as needed (optional)


  • First, put the frozen fruit, peanut butter, water, and ice in a blender.
  • Then mix to a creamy consistency.
  • Finally, add toppings such as homemade muesli or coconut flakes.

Smoothie bowl with chocolate and almond butter for breakfast

Ingredients (1 serving)

  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 0.5 dl natural almond butter
  • 2 tablespoons 100% cocoa powder
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 2.5 dl cold milk of your choice, or plain cold water
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon
  • Crushed cocoa beans (optional)


  • Place the first six ingredients in a blender and then blend to a thick and creamy consistency.
  • Then add crushed cocoa beans. These are rich in antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids which are good for, among other things, protecting your heart.

Any toppings for a smoothie bowl for breakfast

There are so many different choices of toppings so your options are therefore both unlimited and always something to your liking. In fact, there are so many that a complete list would never end! However, here are some ideas.

To add more flavor, improve the texture of your smoothie bowl and also increase the nutrient content, you can add:

  • Almonds
  • Unsalted pumpkin seeds
  • Raisin
  • Blueberry
  • Other berries (blackberries, strawberries, raspberries)
  • Chia seeds
  • Coconut flakes
  • Crushed cocoa beans
  • Bitter chocolate in pieces
  • Muesli, granola, or oatmeal
  • Whole grains
  • Homemade peanut butter, almond butter, or hazelnut butter

Finally, it’s important to emphasize that you need to mix and match foods from all food groups to get a good balance of their nutritional benefits, as well as to get proper nutrition. One way to improve your eating habits is by choosing healthy breakfasts that are easy to prepare.

Recipe for homemade carrot smoothie and its benefits

Carrots contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, which can help promote your health and well-being. Want to make your own homemade carrot smoothie?

Carrots are one of those vegetables that you just have to include in your diet because they are rich in many healthy nutrients. Best of all, you can use carrots in all sorts of recipes. In this article, we will tell you how to make a homemade carrot smoothie and also tell you about the many benefits of this root vegetable.

In this regard, we should note that a good way to get a proper dose of nutrients, especially vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, is to drink smoothies based on this or other vegetables. Carrots give your drink a beautiful orange color and a distinctive sweet taste that appeals to children and adults alike.

Read on to learn more!

The benefits of eating carrots

The most notable aspect of carrots from a nutritional point of view is that they contain precursors to vitamin A. According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, a medium-sized carrot covers between 89% and 112% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin A for men and women between 20 and 39 years of age.

It also contains a good amount of carbohydrates, a significant proportion of which is soluble fiber. It also contains smaller amounts of other vitamins such as vitamins C and B6 and some minerals such as iron, iodine, and potassium. Below we tell you about the benefits in more detail.

Carrots improve eye health

Among the carotenoids with provitamin A activity, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and lutein stand out. When we ingest these components, our body converts them into vitamin A, which helps improve eye health.

For this reason, experts recommend that we include carrots in our diet to prevent the deterioration of vision and dry eyes as well as to keep the retina and cells of the eyes in good condition.

In this regard, a study published in the scientific journal JAMA Ophthalmology points out that carotenoids can reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (a disorder that gradually destroys sharp, central vision).

Carrots improve the cardiovascular system

This root vegetable can prevent problems in the cardiovascular system because it only contains low levels of sodium. It is also rich in water and dietary fiber. The latter helps reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines.

It also helps prevent elevated levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood. For this reason, including carrots in your diet can help prevent strokes and heart attacks.

A homemade carrot smoothie can help improve digestion

This root vegetable regulates both digestion and intestinal health. Drinking a glass of carrot smoothie a day is actually a healthy way to get more soluble and insoluble fiber.

In particular, they help to:

  • Normalize intestinal transit
  • Shape and increase the size of the stool
  • Prevent constipation
  • Keep the intestines and digestive system in good condition

According to a study published in 2015 in the scientific journal Medicentro, carrot juice has an important protective effect on the stomach and a preventive effect for stomach ulcers.

Carrots promote the immune system

The vitamins A, C, K, and B6 and potassium, phosphorus, and other minerals found in carrots help keep the immune system active. As a result, the risk of various types of infections is reduced.

This a classic recipe for a homemade carrot smoothie

In general, a smoothie is a simple recipe that can be made with milk or water and some fruit and vegetables. You need water to make a carrot smoothie. Conveniently, it takes less than five minutes to do. It’s also an ideal way to dive into the world of vegetable juices and smoothies! Read on!


  • 2 medium-sized carrots
  • 250 ml cold water
  • Ice (to taste)
  • Sweetening is not really necessary, but you can add, for example, honey or an apple if you want


  1. First, wash the carrots and remove the ends. You don’t need to peel them.
  2. Cut them into smaller pieces and put them in a blender.
  3. Then add cold water and blend until you get a smooth smoothie.
  4. If you want, you can add sweeteners such as honey or an apple
  5. Serve in a glass and enjoy!

This is the basic way to make homemade carrot smoothies. However, you can add other vegetables or fruits to create new and exciting flavors.

In addition to getting other flavors, you will also add more nutrients to your smoothie. You can do that with strawberries, oranges, parsley, ginger, or any other fruit or vegetable you like.

Homemade carrot smoothie with orange and ginger

It is a variation of a classic recipe. Besides being a refreshing drink, the combination of carrot, orange, and ginger also provides several vitamins A and C as well as antioxidants. It’s perfect to mix into this recipe on a hot day!


  • 3 carrots
  • 4 oranges
  • 1 slice of fresh ginger
  • 200 ml cold water
  • Ice and any natural sweetener (to taste)


  1. Start by rinsing the carrots, removing the ends, and cutting them into smaller pieces. Then put them in a blender.
  2. Then rinse the oranges, peel them carefully (also remove the white parts), cut them in half, and remove the seeds. If you don’t remove these parts completely, your smoothie will taste bitter. When you’re done, put them in the blender along with the carrots.
  3. Then rinse your ginger. You do not need to peel it, as its peel does not change the taste of the juice.
  4. Then put this too in the mixer together with the other ingredients.
  5. Finally, add cold water and ice. If you don’t have a high-powered blender, you can add the ice afterward.
  6. Now mix the ingredients for two minutes, or until you have a smooth drink.
  7. Taste your smoothie and add natural sweetener if desired. We recommend making sure it is a natural sweetener. If you add sugar, your smoothie will contain more calories.
  8. Finally, you can pour the beautiful drink into a tall glass.

Enjoy a delicious homemade carrot smoothie and reap the benefits

With a homemade carrot smoothie – or any other juice made with raw and fresh vegetables – you can provide your body with many healthy bioactive components. This satiating drink helps improve the quality of your diet.

Finally, remember that if you drink this smoothie regularly and base your diet on good quality natural products in general, you will improve your eyesight, your digestion, and your cardiovascular system and also prevent the development of diseases.