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Buy 3 Get 1 Free, 4″ Pot of Monadenium Guentheri Sausage Plant Rare Succulent Plant

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Please read the following content carefully before placing an order!

Learn how to take care of this plant:


Is the temperature in your area below 40 F? Please add a heating pad:

The mature plants in the first picture is a reference, which your plants may be grow up to.

-Colors and growing rates depend on light, soil, and water conditions.

-prefer filtered bright sunlight.

-Light water

-Well-draining soil with a drainage hole pot

-Water the plant when the soil is completely dry

+A 4” Potted Plant has TWO 4” to 5” plants.

+Buy 3 Get 1 Free plants are shipped with bare roots.

+ FOR BARE-ROOTED PLANT: After receiving the plant(s), please plant it in the well-drained moist soil without water for 7-10 days depending on how humid the weather is. Place it in mild sunlight. After the plant bounces back, it can have more sunlight.

+ FOR CUTTINGS: You can propagate this plant from cuttings. After the plant bounces back and has new growth, you can cut the top 3-4” of this plant. Let the cutting dry for 15-20 days then you can plant it in the moisture soil without watering until the soil is dry. Also, the mother plant will grow multiple heads along the stem.

***Damaged/Unsatisfactory/Lost Packages****

-Most succulents grow from cuttings/clippings or leaves. If the branches of the plant are slightly damaged, you can stick the branches into the soil. They will grow new plants. However, let Wendy know 48 hours after receiving the package. If the plant you receive is seriously damaged. We can solve problem/s.

-Shipping delay happens during holiday seasons such as Christmas time.

-No 100% guarantee of survival


-Seller is not responsible for delays, damages due to heat or cold weather, and wrong address.

Thank you for supporting Mirage of Eden! We will do our best to provide high-quality products and customer service.

4 reviews for Buy 3 Get 1 Free, 4″ Pot of Monadenium Guentheri Sausage Plant Rare Succulent Plant

  1. Jan Brown

    buying more today great site


    My plant arrived just as described. Beautiful green leaves and healthy appearance. Shipping was wonderful. The plant was safely wrapped. Seller also put 2 little cuttings extra in the box which I have planted. This is a great seller and I will definitely buy from them again.

  3. Creative Hands

    Plants arrived in good condition. Fast shipping

  4. Julie Bicknese

    A beautiful plant to enjoy for years.

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