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Calathea Vittata – Brushstroke Plant – Tropical Houseplant

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We are so excited to begin offering our Calathea Vittata. This variety has a very well defined patter. It’s brushstroked white strips sit perfectly against its shiny green leaves. Many people like to touch the leaves just to see if it’s a real plant. They enjoy bright indirect light but can tolerate lower lit rooms. Like all other Calatheas, they prefer moist soil and a humid environment, but never dry or overwatered.

These plants will be shipped in a specially crafted wrap. They will be wrapped to ensure protection during the shipping process.


Nearly all of our product listings are grower’s choice. We select a plant or two from a single batch of anywhere from 30 to 500 plants to photograph for our listing photos. We move such a high volume of plants and offer such a wide selection of varieties that photographing each plant would take away from our ability to process and ship orders. So due to nature being nature, not every plant of the same size and variety will look exactly alike. Instead, we practice the industry standard of selling plants based on pot size. Our only exception to this rule is our limited-release rare Aroids and Hoya. For these items, we will feature several photos of the exact plant you will receive and will explicitly state that the exact plant is being offered in the product’s title.

4 reviews for Calathea Vittata – Brushstroke Plant – Tropical Houseplant

  1. Kacee Crawford

    Absolutely beautiful! Arrived right on time and packaged with a lot of care. Would definitely order from again

  2. Vicki Seifert

    Beautiful healthy plant. Very fast shipping and packaging was wonderful.

  3. Deanna Richards

    Quick and quality shipping. Beautiful plant!

  4. Lisa Mikoleit

    Lovely. Nice trail started
    Very pleased. Recommend highly

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