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Curry (Karipata) live fruit tree(10 in to 24inches)

(4 customer reviews)


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Welcome to TropicalFruitTree, a store that has all kinds of exotic fruit trees. We work every day to provide you with the best quality of Fruit Trees. We have more than 20 years of experience in Agriculture. Thank you for joining TropicalFruitGarden 🌱

4 reviews for Curry (Karipata) live fruit tree(10 in to 24inches)

  1. kamal suzan

    Good quality and shipping is good

  2. Valentina Phan

    Thanks you for the plant

  3. Sravani Nagaruru

    Tree quality is exceptional .

  4. David Zager

    Great packing got my little karipata to me in perfect shape. My interactions with the seller to let her know that the tree had arrived safely were charming.

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