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Cymbidium ‘Red Diamond’, fragrant, ship bare-root

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beautiful flowers

healthy plants with big bulbs

mature plant and very fragrant when blooming

multiple flowers on one spike

easy to care, perfect for new cymbidium growers

Flowering Period: winter to spring

【You’ll receive a plant in blooming size, will ship BAREROOT from Pic 3】

*****Old roots will DRY OUT once it is de-potted, after receiving the plant, you can re-pot it in bark/potting soil mix, or even grow it in the garden outdoor if you’re living in warm area. It will grow out new roots.

5 reviews for Cymbidium ‘Red Diamond’, fragrant, ship bare-root

  1. Janice

    Very healthy plant and was well packaged for shipping. I have had the orchid plant for almost a month and it has two spikes already! Highly recommend this seller!

  2. Caro

    Is always a great pleasure ordering from this vendor he works with you. If there is an issue, I highly recommend this seller

  3. Anonymous

    Beautiful and healthy plant. Can’t wait to bloom.

  4. Devin McIntyre

    Great product, awesome customer service. I will be getting all of my phals from here.

  5. Lian Saptoro

    t y

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