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Fairy Castle Cactus | 4 inch | Acanthocereus Tetragonus | Live Cacti Plant | Succulent | Indoor Plant | Drought Tolerant

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Please see all pictures, read the product description and TERMS OF SALE below carefully before placing your order. Plants may vary in size and shape. Plants may come with marks on them due to the growing process. No Plant is perfect.

Fairy Castle Cactus:

🌵 SIZE: Available in 4 inch nursery pot. The plant size is based on the size of the pot it is grown in. Picture 1-3 represents the plant you will receive. Plant might be a little smaller/bigger, more or less full, longer or shorter but we do our best to make it similar to the representative plant in picture #1. Approx.: 7-8″ Tall


• LIGHT: Partial sun to partial shade.

• WATER: Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. Allow soil to completely dry between watering.

• SOIL: Succulents grow best in a porous potting soil. Regular potting soil will hold excess water which will cause the succulent roots to rot.

Provide porous soil with adequate drainage, pots with drainage hole are recommended. NATIVE WEST’s Succulent and Cactus Soil Blend is available for purchase.

🌵 SHIPPING: To ensure the health and safety of our live plants, orders ship USPS Priority Mail. Plants are wrapped to avoid breakage during shipping but please keep in mind that soil may shift during transit. USPS Priority Mail remain a NON-GUARANTEED service. We are not responsible for damaged plants due to mishandling and delayed shipments. This is something that we have no control over.

USPS Priority Mail: 1-4 Business Days

USPS Priority Express: 1-Day or 2-Day, Guaranteed expedited service by 3 p.m.

• Cold/Hot Weather: Heat pack is recommended for areas with a temp of below 45 degrees. Extreme temperatures could cause damage to your plants if you do not plan ahead. We are not responsible for weather-related damages if you choose not to add a heat pack. Heat Packs can be purchased by clicking on the following link


• Plants need proper care and attention to stay alive. A care reference guide is included with each order but please do additional research of the unique needs of your chosen plant and be prepared to provide it with proper light, water, humidity, soil, etc. You are responsible for your plant’s needs or issues as they arise. The overall health of your plant will be dependent on your environment and the care that you provide.

• Once plant leaves our facility the liability is on the buyer. We do not have the ability to guarantee that your weather, any plant predators in your home, airborne plant diseases, the location it is placed inside or outside your house, especially the care it receives will ensure that your plant selected will thrive or survive. We are not responsible for the care of your plant after it leaves our hands.

• We are not responsible for the plant arriving damaged due to extra transit time or weather-related damages. (if you live somewhere with hot summers or cold winters) We are not able to keep up with everyone’s weather individually, so we strongly suggest letting us know what is needed such as Heat pack(s) for winter, so we can pack your plants accordingly.

• We are not responsible for any error on the carrier’s fault: crushed package, lost package, delayed package, or any other case that might be. Any and all claims made through USPS must be made by the buyer, our company will assist you with any claim as much as we are able. The final responsibility relies with the buyer.

• Please take time to check your plant’s condition as soon as it arrives. Any issues with your plant need to be reported to us within 48 hours of the delivered time stamp from USPS with detailed photos, in the original nursery grow pot.

• If we made an error, we can issue a refund or send a replacement.

• When purchasing from Native West you are agreeing to these Terms of Sale and you understand the inherent risk of having living plants shipped to you in the mail. Leaves do get damaged, some roots will have died off, this is all normal when shipping plants. Our company will be here to assist you in any if you need help acclimating your new plant.

These TERMS OF SALE are final as soon as the package has been shipped through USPS and the tracking number has been created and scanned into the system. You can request to cancel your order any time before it’s shipped by sending us a message.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Let us know if you need your order by a specific date in the note section.

4 reviews for Fairy Castle Cactus | 4 inch | Acanthocereus Tetragonus | Live Cacti Plant | Succulent | Indoor Plant | Drought Tolerant

  1. Debbie Zinna

    Welcome addition yo my collection of Jades 😊🙏

  2. Robin

    Packed well. Can’t wait to see her bloom!

  3. Julia

    Love this plant, it is already bigger and looks great in my collection.

  4. Robin

    Packaged well. She is so cute!

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