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Florida Seeds for Fall 20 packs Edible Vegetables Florida Garden

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Grow all of your vegetables this fall with our seasonal seed for your subtropical garden. Florida has a backwards growing season compared to up north and can be difficult to figure out. We want you to be able to grow the right varieties at the right time, both critical things for a successful garden. These seeds are all varieties that are proven to grow well here in Florida but they require the cooling off period associated with the Florida fall season. We are in Venus, Florida and we typically start our seeds during the beginning of September. If you are further north, you can start earlier in August…. if you are in South Florida, you’ll need to wait a little longer (later September). Every order is wrapped in a box and comes with a printed booklet detailing growing instructions and additional information for each variety.

The packs make a great gift for those attempting to grow in a tropical climate, stocking for the future, or anyone needing a little push in the right direction.

1. Ethiopian KALE-100

2. Suyo Long CUCUMBER-20

3. Kuroda CARROT- 500

4. Piracicaba BROCCOLI-100

5. Detroit Dark Red BEET- 200

6. Perpetual Umaina CHARD-50

7. Sparkler RADISH-250

8. Winged BEAN=10

9. Rattlesnake BEAN-25

10. Seminole PUMPKIN-10

11. Jericho LETTUCE- 200

12. Pigeon PEA-50

13. Florida COLLARDS-100

14. Cauliflower SNOWBALL-100

15. Astro ARUGULA-100

16. Purple Top White Globe TURNIP

17. Rosette TATSOI

18. Copenhagen Market CABBAGE

19. Cocozelle ZUCCHINI

20. Purple Vienna KOHLRABI

Thank you so much, and feel free to reach out with any questions!

4 reviews for Florida Seeds for Fall 20 packs Edible Vegetables Florida Garden

  1. Aaron

    Great Seller! A lot of care went into it. Appreciate the packaging and info booklet. Will definitely buy again.

  2. Lynn White

    I wrote to the seller twice because I was considering more items from them, and received no response, however, they did fill the order and added in an extra packet. The seeds are sprouting well. The planting guide is great. I would strongly recommend them for the seed quality and the guide alone. Just expect them to not respond and not ship until the last day of the period for receipt so your order will possibly be late.

  3. J. Walters

    Wonderful packages and seed varieties

  4. Rachael Caldwell

    Excited to get planting. The packaging is great.

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