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Fresh Thai Pea Eggplant, Turkey Berry, Pea Eggplant


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8 oz Fresh pick Thai Pea Eggplant, Pea Aubergine , Sundakkai from our home grow plant. You will enjoy freshness and Chemical free. While somewhat more bitter than the green Thai eggplant, **This Thai Pea Eggplant not suitable to grow, use for cooking or eat fresh only** มะเขือพวง

the pea eggplant is used in many cuisines, particularly in Southeast Asia and southern India. It has a significant place in the cuisines of Tamil Nadu. The fruits are used both fresh, and slit and dried.

This close relative of the eggplant, producing fruit about 0.4 inch diameter, is native to the Americas, from Florida through the Caribbean and from Mexico south into Brazil. It has been naturalized throughout the tropics and can be a serious pest in some environments (the plants grow large and have lots of thorns). The berries grow in clusters, and are usually picked green, but can ripen to yellow


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