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Gymnocalycium Lb 2178, Rare Cactus, Rare plant, holiday gift idea, plant gift,

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With this order, you’ll receive one beautiful Gymnocalycium Lb 2178 cactus. The plant is showing in a 3.5″ nursery pot but will be shipped bare root.

If you are sending this as a gift, I will be happy to include your message free of charge.


If you are looking for a large quantity for events or any project, please send me a message. I can do a discount for 15+ Succulents of the same type.


Succulents are best in areas with filtered sunlight. Most succulents can tolerate full sunlight, however some can get sunburn if they are in full sun during the afternoon when the temperatures are highest. Full sun in combination with temperatures above 90 can damage most succulents. Morning and/or evening sun with afternoon full or partial shade (at least 50%) is ideal.


Only water your succulents when the soil is completely dry. Make sure to water fully until the water runs out the bottom of the pot. Do not let your succulent sits in water as it will rot.


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Client gift

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Flower arrangement

Any occasion

Beautiful rosette

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Holiday gift

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flowering cactus

4 reviews for Gymnocalycium Lb 2178, Rare Cactus, Rare plant, holiday gift idea, plant gift,

  1. Larissa Landolfi

    A bunch of adorable little buts. Great quality. Awesome packaging. Quick shipping. I wish I bought more.

  2. kc

    I love how it look when it arrived

  3. Larissa Landolfi

    Cutest little toes. Great packaging. Quick shipping. Healthy

  4. Larissa Landolfi

    Pretty little cactus. Healthy and great quality. Quick shipping

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