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hawthorn live plant,大金星山楂,3 ft tall,ship with bare root

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Morphological Characteristics

Fruit Characteristics: The fruit is oblate-spheroid, purplish-red, with a waxy sheen. Fruit dots are round, rust-yellow, large, and dense. The fruit apex is flat with five prominent ridges. Sepals persist and are reflexed. The fruit stalk cavity is broad and moderately deep. The flesh is greenish-yellow or pink, with scattered red spots, firm and dense, with strong acidity. It ripens in mid to late October and is resistant to storage. The fruit is large, with 72-82 fruits per kilogram. Total sugar content is 11.35%, total acidity is 3.91%, pectin content is 2.7%, flesh yield is 89.5%, and slice yield is 35.6%. It is suitable for processing into cakes, preserves, wine, juice, etc., with excellent color, aroma, and flavor, making it an excellent processing variety.

Main Values

Component Analysis

According to analysis by food research departments, hawthorn is rich in nutrients, containing protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, sulfur, riboflavin, niacin, hawthorn acid, citric acid, and vitamin C. Per 100 grams of fruit, it contains 85 milligrams of calcium, ranking first among various fruits; the vitamin C content is more than 17 times higher than that of apples, earning it the title of “Northern Treasure.”

Edible Use

Hawthorn fruit is slightly sweet and sour, suitable for fresh consumption. Due to the presence of substances such as red pigments and pectin inside the fruit, it is more suitable for processing into hawthorn slices, hawthorn cakes, candies, preserves, candied haws, hawthorn sauce, canned hawthorn, hawthorn preserves, hawthorn juice, hawthorn beverages, and hawthorn wine.

Major Processing Enterprises

Well-known enterprises include Vizhiwang, Kutu, Yida, Jinye, and He’an Hong.

Healthcare and Medicinal Use

Hawthorn has high medicinal value. According to pharmacological analysis, it contains triterpenoids, lipase, flavonoids, and hyperoside, which can enhance cardiovascular regulation, promote cholesterol conversion, and reduce lipid accumulation. It is also beneficial for dilating bronchi, promoting ciliary movement in the trachea, and relieving cough and asthma, making it a valuable health-promoting fruit.

Landscape Greening

Hawthorn trees have neat crowns, lush foliage, and lovely red fruits. They are often propagated by division and grafting methods, making them excellent four-season greenery species. In addition to large-scale planting in orchards, they can also be planted in parks, along roadsides, and in courtyards.

3 reviews for hawthorn live plant,大金星山楂,3 ft tall,ship with bare root

  1. Master Quentus

    Amazing arrived and looks amazing

  2. K

    Nice size plant that arrived ready to plant. Fast shipping too. Very satisfied. Thank you

  3. K

    Healthy looking plant with nice size trunk. Looking forward to watching it grow and fruit. Arrived super fast. Thank you

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