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IN SEASON // Ice Cream Bean Fruit (Inga edulis) // Free Shipping within USA

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This fruit is an ancestral fruit to Mesoamerica – it grows abundantly in parts of now Northern America. There are many varieties of Inga edulis ~ we know these as Cushines. The texture of Ice Cream Bean Fruit is like eating cotton candy with flavor like hints of vanilla! This fruit is not sweet, in fact it taste like rose water to us! The cotton texture varies from fruit to fruit. It is also common for seeds to be sprouting in the fruit. Each fruit pod measures anywhere from 2-6 inches long and holds an average of 5-10 seeds per pod. The seeds are viable and they should be planted immediately if you wish to grow this fruit in your garden! Be mindful that this fruit is a tree and a legume which means it is a natural nitrogen fixer!

How to Eat: The fruit is ready to eat when it arrives. Grab the fruit and twist it with your hands. The fruit will rip open and you can eat the white cotton like pods, do not eat the black seeds!

When Will I Receive my Fruit? : If fruit is IN SEASON it will take 1- 2 weeks. If fruit is out of season you may place a PREORDER which means it may take up to 6 months for your fruit to arrive. (PREORDERS will be sent on first come first serve basis).

Usually we have a waitlist for Ice Cream Bean Fruits. The wait may be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. We apologies for the wait as this is our most popular fruit!

You can purchase 2 fruits or 7 fruits.

Note: Fruits may be PRE ORDER depending on season & harvest.

Free Shipping!

Note: The fruits you receive may not appear exactly like the photos advertised.

4 reviews for IN SEASON // Ice Cream Bean Fruit (Inga edulis) // Free Shipping within USA

  1. Sign in with Apple user

    The fruit was good, it was not as fresh, but I think the packing may have affected the freshness. Also, I received one piece which tasted bland, not sweet. Over all, it was ok

  2. Aloe Rose

    Came quickly, seller sent more than 2 bean pods which was so sweet, and they tasted amazing! Thank you so much and highly recommended!

  3. brendal0pez1

    Fruit was good when arrived just keep in mind they are small

  4. Mariah Aguilar

    I ordered this and the first package arrived late i believe due to inclement weather we had been experiencing and the outside had mold. The seller was super helpful and sent me another package that arrived very quickly and the fruit were very fresh and delicious! Would 100% buy again!

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