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Large Eucalyptus Shower Bundle Hanging House Plants, Eucalyptus Shower Plant Real Live Eucalyptus Plant Hanging Plants, Eucalyptus Plants

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Fresh shower eucalyptus bundles ready to turn your shower into a spa. These hanging shower plants come precisely cut to one of our 3 lengths from one of our farms in NC or CA, wrapped with string, and includes a stainless-steel self-adhesive hook to hang your shower eucalyptus plant.

Eucalyptus plants are known for their distinct smell from the oils inside of the stems. Most bundles give off a mint-like or earthy smell when warmed up and it is a main ingredient in vapor rubs. Steam helps release these oils into the air when taking hot showers making them more relaxing, enjoyable, spa-like, and helps connect you to nature.

House plant lovers will adore this bundle due to its uniqueness if you’re looking for the perfect gift. Hanging fresh eucalyptus bundles in your shower is the perfect way to escape reality while also adding the perfect aesthetic your boring bathroom is missing.

Eucalyptus Bundle Sizes:

Regular: 4 stems approximately 14-16″ in length

Large: 10+ stems approximately 16-18″ in length (main picture)

X-Large: 20+ stems 20-22″ in length – Extremely full bundle

Directions are printed on the packaging so you know how to best use your fresh eucalyptus shower bundle and the hook is attached under the direction label.

Our large shower bundle is our best seller but the x-large is quickly catching up. The regular bunch is shorter and smaller. It is perfect for spa-like decor, a small shower stall or your bathtub. The regular bundle will have little to no smell emitting from it due to its size so we recommend upgrading.

We added an adhesive hook so that you can place the eucalyptus on a dry surface. The eucalyptus plant is tied with a loop for easy hanging. This allows you to create the look you desire while still getting the benefits.

Each eucalyptus shower bundle will last between 1-2 weeks fresh before it starts to dry out. When it dries out you can keep it in your shower as long as mold is not growing on it. You can also take your bundle down and use it in a vase throughout your home as a natural eucalyptus décor for months without needing to preserve it. *These ranges are approximate and the eucalyptus will lose its color*

🌱IF YOU WANT A STRONGER SCENT: please check out our listing for our Eucalyptus Shower & Room Spray in our shop. You can spray your bunches to achieve a strong eucalyptus scent! It can also be applied to older bunches to prolong the life. It is also great as a room/linen spray for when you get out🌱

*During the spring growing season, the eucalyptus continues to grow between the time it is cut and by the time it gets to you. This causes new growth on the end to be tender and will likely turn black and die during shipping or shortly after. We can not control that but you can pluck off the ends of the eucalyptus without compromising the overall quality of your bundle. Please be advised there is also a red discoloring with new growth but it is still fresh eucalyptus.

ORDER IN TIME: If this is a gift, please give the product ample time to arrive. Order earlier rather than later. When it arrives, please open the box and gift it, even if it’s early. Nobody dislikes an early gift. But if it remains in the box, it can dry out, rot, and lose its appeal.

Eucalyptus has an earthy or menthol-like scent. Some people smell the aromas very strongly, while others experience just a faint scent or hardly any at. We pick our freshest stems but it is impossible for us to pick only ones that smell strongly. This is the reason that we will not offer refunds due to lack of scent.

4 reviews for Large Eucalyptus Shower Bundle Hanging House Plants, Eucalyptus Shower Plant Real Live Eucalyptus Plant Hanging Plants, Eucalyptus Plants

  1. Traci

    the smell reminds me of Colonial Williamsburg – great memories!

  2. Stacy Middleton

    Great item and customer service!

  3. Shawntae Young

    Smells amazing and looks beautiful

  4. Michelle Smith

    Fast service, easy instructions, and the bundle is wonderful all around!

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