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Live Plant-10/20/500 Lithops|(0.5″~0.6″)/Beginner Friendly/Holiday Gift/*BULK SALE*/living stone

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This collection of lithops features a variety of colors and patterns, from the vibrant reds and purples of Lithops optica Rubra to the mottled greens and browns of Lithops. The assortment of lithops on display here showcases the incredible diversity of these living stones.

Heat pad for under 35 F location: (highly recommend)


You will receive Large Lithops live plants (1.5-2.5 Years old). Random shipment, but I will try to send you a mixture of different colors. Ship out without soil or pot.


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Custom Order: please contact us for your custom order, we can make a custom order based on your preference.

Planting Tips:

When you receive the Lithops, use dry and breathable soil to plant. Then you can water them after one week by soaking them from the bottom of the pot. Gradually increasing sunlight, Lithops require much full sun and less water for ideal growing conditions.

DO NOT OVERWATER. After planting in soil for one month, I suggest giving a small amount of water every other week.

If you need a large number of lithops, please message us to get a discount.

Thank you for shopping for us!

4 reviews for Live Plant-10/20/500 Lithops|(0.5″~0.6″)/Beginner Friendly/Holiday Gift/*BULK SALE*/living stone

  1. Shirley Drumm

    I love these , they came in such good shape. 👍

  2. Linda

    Arrived on time packaged securely and in perfect condition thank you

  3. Amy

    The lithops I ordered came well packaged and were in good condition when they arrived. I even received a few extras. Fun little plants to have. Everyone who came over for Easter wanted to steal them.

  4. Terri

    So far so good! Arrived healthy and carefully packaged. Planted them in dry soil…waiting a week for the first water. Great transaction!

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