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Mrs. N. Thompson Clematis Vine – Purple & Scarlet Blooms – 2.5″ Pot

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CLEMATIS: Always called the “Queen of Vines,” nothing else makes the spectacular show of a clematis in full bloom. In almost all zones, these magnificent plants decorate mailboxes, trellises and porches with cascades of some of the most beautiful blooms in the flower kingdom, and they’re not difficult to grow. There’s no reason you can’t add them to your landscape.

Commanding color of Mrs. N. Thompson demands attention – deep blue red petals with a scarlet central bar. Blooms May, June, and September. Large flowers (4-6″). Gracefully meandering over fences, trellises or through shrubbery, Clematis supply vertical interest. Every perennial garden should have at least one of these incredible vines.

4 reviews for Mrs. N. Thompson Clematis Vine – Purple & Scarlet Blooms – 2.5″ Pot

  1. Chere Hellenbrand

    This plant arrive on its last leg and is now dead! After contacting the seller, a new plant was sent and received. This one is in much better condition. Thank you!

  2. Matt O’Brien

    Packaged well and quick arrival! This seller has consistently met my expectations on the plants and offerings. I will continue to go to Hirts for more specialty plants!

  3. Diana

    I wanted the clematis bloom color to be as listed in the product photo — purple with streaks of pink or red. The plant arrived and grew beautifully, but the flower color was not as advertised. Still, it is a beautiful clematis, and when it arrived, it grew and bloomed immediately.

  4. Flowerlover Lutz

    I’m changing my review to give 5 stars! It’s all in the roots baby don’t be upset because it looks miserable as long as it has good roots!

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