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Nyctanthes arbor-tristis in 4″ Pot

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Note: You will receive Nyctanthes in 4″ Pot nursery pot similar to the pictures

Nyctanthes is a Tropical plant from India, and it is far from being considered an “INDOOR PLANT”. Indoor plants are plants that perform relatively well in indoor conditions without any adjustments to the environment. Without environment adjustments, Nyctanthes will decline really fast and die within days under normal indoor conditions.

Nyctanthes like any other tropical plant can be grown indoors as long as the right conditions are provided. That includes good amounts of light, air humidity, air circulation and moderate warm temperatures. Thrives outdoors in warm climates and is beautiful trained to fences, posts, latticework and Trellises.

FAMILY: Oleaceae

ORIGIN: India, see above for more

TYPE/USES: shrub, small tree

MATURE SIZE: 6′- 8′ with trimming

LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: full to partial sun, outdoors only in tropical locations


MIN. TEMP.: keep above 40F,

FLOWER: AWESOME honey fragrance, Oct to May

4 reviews for Nyctanthes arbor-tristis in 4″ Pot

  1. Chavla

    best delivery I did very good packing⭐️⭐️


    Thank you for right and good plant

  3. parchuri ramesh

    I like the plants looking very good and one came with buds. I wished he sent both with buds .i ordered two more plants .hope he will send both plants with buds I will enjoy them.thankou again

  4. Jayashree

    Plant arrived well packaged and in time. Upon receipt plant was healthy and now has some new growth too! Very happy now hope it flowers

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