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Original Adenium ‘Arabicum Hybrid X RCN QQ’ ,Exotic bonsai Desert rose plant 8″# 832,pink flowers, Cactus succulents, live plant

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This is a Beautiful Thai Arabicum Hybrid using the super blooming and branching ‘Queen of Queen’ RCN (Rachinee Pan Dok ) pollen and our excellent bonsai ‘Arabicum Hybrid’ mother plant . This hybrid should make for a very interesting plants in the future !

**Please note that plant picture is the EXACT PLANT you will receive . Plants are not guaranteed to be in bloom when shipped. We may remove some flowers, leaves and soil to reduce shipping stress**

PLEASE CHECK YOUR WEATHER BEFORE ORDERING .When shipping during temperatures below 38F, a heat pack is recommended and required below 35F . A heat pack can be ordered in our store for an additional $3.50.-

We will ship by USPS priority mail . We will not be responsible for damage, delays or weather by USPS,

however we will do our best to resolve any issue you might have.

When your order is shipped out, you will receive an email with a tracking number so you will know when to expect your plants.

Desert rose are best kept as container plants and love full sun at least 6 hours of sun or very bright . Pot in any well drained mix such as cactus and citrus soil. Gradually increase container size a few inches at a time. Active growing season for most adenium in Florida is March- October. Prune during the growing season occasionally to promote branches and heavy flowering. Fertilizer with Dynamite brand 13-13-13 nine month or any high quality time release fertilizer for best performance.

Winter Care : Water only lightly on warm days above 40F. Older plants will usually be totally leafless and need very little to no water. Protect adeniums with frost cloth or bring them inside with bright light by the window or sun room when temperature fall below 38 degrees.

**Please remember to ask for combined shipping if ordering multiple items. Shipping has gone way up this year and combining makes it much more affordable. I will do my best to combine all items, although large and very fragile items may need to ship separately from heavy, bulky items. But we will try and let you know if they can ship together or not**

A general care sheet will be provided for adenium orders.

4 reviews for Original Adenium ‘Arabicum Hybrid X RCN QQ’ ,Exotic bonsai Desert rose plant 8″# 832,pink flowers, Cactus succulents, live plant

  1. Karlyna Verdugo

    This started out as a not so great experience when I accidentally received the wrong plant. I got in contact with the seller and they got back to me almost immediately and apologized for the mistake and then let me keep the other plant for the inconvenience. They sent me a refund and gave me updates on the plants they had and I repurchased this one. Omg the leaves are huge and beautiful. I have never seen one this big ever.

  2. Jennifer Miller

    My desert rose was shipped quickly and arrived with the upmost care in packaging. She’s a STAR desert rose!! It’s absolutely stunning and thriving. I’ve wanted one for so long and it was worth the wait. Very healthy and blooming. Highly recommend this seller!

  3. dkpwill

    It my favorite I love it

  4. Inna E

    Great healthy plant, careful fast shipping. Thank you!

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