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Rare Patina Asian Violet – Primulina – 2.5″ Pot – Easier to Grow than a Violet

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Patina Asian violet: Mature height, 3″ patterned leaves with fine red hairs, violet-blue blooms.

The Asian Violet (Primulina) originate from Sri Lanka and India through the Himalayas into China and South East Asia down the Malay Peninsula and as far as Sumatra, Java and Borneo. They are actually easier to grow than African Violets and bloom freely. They prefer bright indirect light or grow lights. Avoid any hot sun. Keep evenly moist, but not wet or dry. Avoid splashing any cold water on the leaves, as it will spot them, just like an African Violet. Feed monthly with an African Violet fertilizer following the directions on the package. Trim off faded flowers to keep them blooming.

4 reviews for Rare Patina Asian Violet – Primulina – 2.5″ Pot – Easier to Grow than a Violet

  1. Arturo Limon

    I ordered the 4 inch size as I wanted an established plant to take cuttings for terrariums. This one was way bigger than what I thought it’d be. Great seller

  2. Wilma Staton

    I am very happy with my purchases from here. Plants are always healthy and thriving. Beautiful starter and healthy!

  3. Josh

    Highly recommend this seller . My little honeysuckle plant looks amazing . It was packaged extremely well and arrived super fast and safe and sound . Thanks again AAA+++ service


    Wow ! I didn’t realize they would be as big as I received, wonderful plants, healthy.

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