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Rhododendron Seaview Sunset 2 gallon Plant – Cold Hardy to Zero

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Rhododendron Name: Seaview Sunset

Bloom Color/Feature: A truly special plant with a yellow/orange bloom.

Growth Potential in 10 years: 3 feet tall

Cold Rating: 0 F

Container Size/Age:Well rooted two gallon plant.

This award winning plant is something very special. The deep green narrow leave contrast the colors of the bloom. Amazing!

Thank you for taking a look at one of our several hundred Hybrid Rhododendrons we have for sale on Etsy and our website! At Oregon Rhodies, all we do is Rhododendrons. Please find below some helpful information and a few sample questions and answers.

Bloom Color/Feature: Rhododendrons blooms come in hundreds of various colors, sizes, and shapes. We do our best to describe what you will experience when your Rhodies starts blooming.

Growth Potential in 10 years: This is a standard used to rate rhododendrons. Your rhodie may vary depending on soil, climate, and location. At Oregonrhodies, we typically sell three different sizes:

Semi Dwarf(grow to about three feet) – Many of these are the “new” rhodies that allow placement in the average landscape that includes other plantings. These are great for foundation planting under windows and are great for when you are adding green and color to a landscape dimension.

Standard(grow four to six feet) – These plants are also used in foundation planting and in large yards as “focal points”. Many times, Rhododendrons will grow as wide as they are tall, so consider placement of these. They make for great privacy plantings along fence lines.

Tall(grow to seven feet or more) – These are plants that many times can be shaped into trees, used as focal points in landscaping and can create great impact in large areas.

All Rhododendrons can be pruned regularly just after they have finished blooming to maintain the shape and size you desire.

Cold Rating: Rhododendrons are rated only for their level of cold tolerance. Rhododendrons can survive in warmer climates as long as several critical factors are met. It is best to visit the American Rhododendron Society Web Page to get a good idea as to what climates they can thrive in. Very simplified, they need to have moist, well-drained soil, and the ability to stay relatively cool.(also see a question and answer below).

The cold rating is for a plant that is sitting in still, pooled cold air. Planting your Rhodies in areas next to the house or where cold and warm air mixes, gives you the ability to push the cold hardiness ratings to the edge.

Container Size and Age: The more maturity your plant has going into the ground, the better chance it will have towards surviving.

Rooted Cuttings: Every fall, we take cutting from our mother plants and root them in warmed soil that is constantly being sprayed with a mist. In the spring, the four to five inch cuttings will have roots. Rooted cuttings need to be planted in containers or some other planter where moisture and light are controlled during their first growing season. Cuttings are a great way to add variety to your landscaping with you doing the growing work. They can be very rewarding, but also challenging due to their failure rate.

One Year Plants(teenagers): At the beginning of their second Spring, rooted cuttings become one year old plants. They can continue in their containers and develop roots, but they also may be able to survive in the ground. These are the plants we see most often offered on E-Bay and on other bargain sites. We grow our teenagers in one gallon containers to achieve maximum root potential. You can also find these in 3” or 4” containers. Again, there is risk with these being young and still vulnerable to the world.

One Gallon Plants: At the beginning of their third spring, we consider these plants to be one gallon container plants. Their roots system will fill the gallon container and they will be large enough to safely plant in the ground.

Two/Three/Five and Seven Gallon Plants – As our plants fill their containers with their root systems, we pot-up to the next size container. Some of the larger Rhodies move up a pot size every year, while some of the semi-dwarfs are almost at maturity once they reach the five or seven gallon container size.

Through Etsy, we offer sizing based on container size. These plants can reach heights of three feet tall and wide. We also offer much larger plants that can be up to five feet tall and wide for instant landscaping!

Note: All plants are shipped bare root(removed from their container and some soil removed), ready for you to plant into your own container or the ground. Our recommendation is if you are replanting into a container, plant up at least one container size.

What makes this Rhodie Special: Each of the Rhododendrons we sell were lovingly hybridized by a breeder. This is a process that takes many years of trial and error. Each breeder is trying to achieve a certain set of characteristics in their new plant. We like to share unique features about the plants and any story we can find about the plant in this section.

Questions and Answers

There are no such things as dumb questions. So please, ask away!

Question: Will “Blank” Rhododendron grow in my climate? Temperatures range from 30 degrees during the winter to 110 during the summer.

Answer: Depends. Most Rhododendrons that we sell will fit into your cold temperature zone just fine. The concern is with the hot temperature. Rhododendrons are incredibly resistant plants and can take a beating and still survive.(Interesting fact: Many of the hybridized Rhododendrons we enjoy today came from parents that were native in very extreme climates). There are chapters in books that discuss environment, however, there are some very key elements that may help you make the decision to dive in or not.

Rhododendrons need well drained moist soil at all times. In the Deserts SW, this may be a challenge. Planting them in the shade, planting them on mounds, and ensuring irrigation solves many of these problems. Rhododendrons can take direct sun, however, they do need to stay cool. Many Commercial growers plant rhododendrons in open fields where they can receive up to 10 hours of sun a day. They grow very quickly this way. When the sun combines with the heat, commercial growers use overhead water to cool down the rhodies. Because of their waxy leaves, rhododendrons can be watered overhead while in the sun with minimal consequences.

Question: When is the best time to plant?

Answer: The best time to plant is early fall when the plants are spending a lot of time on root development. The American Rhododendron Society states that any time that your soil is workable, Rhododendrons can be planted.

Question: Who are you guys and where did all of these different colors come from?

Answer: I love this question! As you can see, we love talking Rhodies! We are based in Albany, Oregon that is located in the Willamette Valley in the West-ish, Central-ish part of the state. We grow over two hundred different varieties of Rhododendrons. We sell to passionate individuals(beginners to advanced), collectors, landscapers, nurseries and institutions. We make available this large selection, however, we highlight with our customers new hybrids and heritage hybrids that have had the most appeal and success in North America. We get great pleasure from selling each plant and are on a crusade to get at least one beautiful Rhododendron into each yard across the country! We look forward to selling you your first Oregonrhodie and many more in the future!

3 reviews for Rhododendron Seaview Sunset 2 gallon Plant – Cold Hardy to Zero

  1. vbsimon01

    Oh my goodness! I read all the positive reviews, but that still did not prepare me for the beautiful plant I received. It’s even better then I expected. Thank you so much. I will be back soon for more!

  2. briannazdanowski

    Plant is beautiful. I love it.

  3. Cassandra

    I received these beautiful purple blue bushes today and I absolutely love them. Good quality bushes and FULL of blooms! Couldn’t have asked for nicer bushes. Going to love seeing these grow. Size was larger than expected. Color is amazing. I was expecting to get a bush full of buds and got fully flushed out. Thank you for an amazing product. Will recommend this site to my friends!

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