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Stenocereus Beneckei, Larger Rooted and Rare Plants – US Shipping Included

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A native of Mexico, this unique and attractive cactus can grow to be over 7 feet tall and larger specimens such as those in this listing are hard to come by. These are sure to be the focus of attention in any succulent collection.

The listing photos show all sides of the three plants I have available. All stand 7-1/2 inches above the soil and are 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches in diameter at their widest points. They are shown in their 4 inch containers, however they will be shipped without soil and pots. The stems have a white coating that is easily removed. Even though the plants will be packaged very carefully, a portion of this coating may be rubbed off while the plants are in transit.

A plant typically sought after by collectors, S. beneckei is very easy to grow and keep happy. Plant them in standard cactus soil and provide them with plenty of direct sunlight. When daytime temperatures are above 75 degrees, water a few days after the soil has dried thoroughly. Water only once every 4 weeks the balance of the year. Ideally, these should not encounter temperatures below 50 degrees, however they can survive brief periods at or slightly below freezing if the soil is completely dry.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not use heat packs and we are not responsible for damage related to the plants being exposed to cold temperatures.

Shipping to any address within the United States is included in the listing prices, with the following exceptions:

We cannot ship these to addresses within the states of California, Hawaii or to any of the US island territories. Contact us prior to ordering if the destination falls within the state of Alaska as additional shipping charges may apply.

4 reviews for Stenocereus Beneckei, Larger Rooted and Rare Plants – US Shipping Included

  1. Karen

    This was a special order that really really hit the mark. Thank you so much

  2. Justin Loveless

    best shop best service. best knuthii you can find!

  3. Matt Pankey

    Very Nice, just as described!

  4. Rebekah R Arnold

    I chose the wooden discs that, as described, were found when cut to have a small hole in the center. (Because of this, they were also discounted. Prices were good for all the selections.) This gave me a variety of sizes for my use. A friend has placed pressed flowers on the discs for my faux evergreen that stays up all year. The discs are good quality, and were well protected in shipping.

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