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Tree collard purple live perennial plant

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1 rooted 6 to 8 inch starter plant grown from seed

Purple Tree Collard, a must-have for any garden enthusiast! These stunning perennial greens boast not only a striking hue but also exceptional flavor and nutritional value. With their tree-like growth habit, they provide a beautiful focal point in any garden while offering a continuous harvest of tender, purple-tinged leaves. Easy to grow and maintain, these resilient plants thrive in various climates, making them a perfect addition to your edible landscape. Elevate your culinary adventures and garden aesthetics with our Purple Tree Collards today! Please message me with any questions.

*You will receive a plant similar to the one in the picture*

6 reviews for Tree collard purple live perennial plant

  1. Kaitlyn

    Happy planting!

  2. Russell Stickler

    Super helpful descriptions and directions, exactly as I expected and fast shipping! Will definitely be returning for any other gardening needs as I begin!

  3. Anonymous

    Nice seeds and well packaged . Pretty fast shipping too !

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you, Happy planting 🌱

  5. Sully Hubb

    Item received. Thank you so much. 25 seeds isn’t much when only 1 in 5 basil seeds typically yields a plant. Thanks for at least having some seeds available. I’ll have to wait to see how many plants actually get with this variety

  6. Carolyn Boston

    nicely packaged arrive before time

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