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Tree Tags Custom Engraved, custom plant tag, garden accessories, garden label, plant label, permaculture gift orchard markers gardening gift

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This custom engraved tree tag is the perfect addition to any home garden. Whether you have just one or two trees, maintain a large orchard or keep track of your trees and cultivators easily with a tree tag. This tree tag is also a great reusable garden accessory proving a sustainable solution for your garden.

This tag is made of stainless steel with a shiny finish and is custom engraved.

Never forget a tree’s common name or cultivator again. Keep up with each planting and its requirements by knowing its type and plant date.

These durable stainless steel tags can be secured to a branch or around a new planting’s trunk and adjusted with growth.

Each tag measures 50 MM X 28 MM or approximately 2” X 1”

This is a great gift for the gardener, hobby farm, homesteader, farmer, and permaculture grower.

To use as a tree tag or garden label I recommend including the name of your tree and its cultivator. On my permaculture farm, I like to include a plating year to help keep track of my trees progress.

Please include the information you would like printed on your tag (s) such as Plant/tree name, cultivator name, year planted or purchased (optional). If ordering more than one tag, please send me a list for each tag.

I recommend no more than 20 characters per plant tag side (I can print both sides) for product quality, please contact me if you need more characters. Remember the more letters the smaller the letters so it is recommended to keep to basic labeling. Just send me a message for what you would like on each tag after you order. I can always add your tree name on the front and your farm or homestead name on the back!

You can see how I use my tree tags on the farm by checking out my Instagram/GrannyTidbits.

Granny’s tags can also be customized to label tools, toys, and other items.

Lettering may be placed longways for quality readability.

Attach the tag with a plastic wire tie or garden wire.


We make and use these tags within our own permaculture orchard to keep track of all of our plants and bloom times. They also make great gifts for the gardener in your life.

Free shipping within the United States.

8 reviews for Tree Tags Custom Engraved, custom plant tag, garden accessories, garden label, plant label, permaculture gift orchard markers gardening gift

  1. Jennifer Knicely

    Very good customer service…thank you so much;)

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for the review Terry, I have used these tags over 10 years on my own trees outside .
    Although they are just a simple tag, I can dig them out of the dirt from around the tree and they’re still just as good as the day I put them in the ground.
    Happy gardening,
    Granny Tidbits

  3. Anonymous

    Jessica, thank you for the wonderful review.
    Happy growing
    Granny Tidbits

  4. Terry Rickman

    Thank you for the wonderful review on the tags.
    These tags will be great attached to the tree or even sitting in the dirt near the tree for years to come.
    I use them on my own trees. Often I place at the bottom of a post next to the tree in the dirt.

  5. angietix

    Thank you for the wonderful review it made my day!
    I can also add names for vegetables and if you’d like me to add the little fruits or vegetables on the side or back of the tag, I’m happy to make them.
    Enjoy your garden and happy growing.
    Granny Tidbits

  6. Anonymous

    Good enough and they seem to age well

  7. Anonymous

    Excellent product and wonderful customer service. Would buy from Granny again 😁

  8. Jessica M

    Exactly what I wanted. Labels for the various trees.

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