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Two Roma Tomato Live Plants

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Thank you for visiting our shop and supporting Soda City Greens! We are a Certified South Carolina urban farm located in Columbia, S.C. (Soda City!). We have hundreds of plants and seeds in stock. If you would like a full list of our current inventory, visit our Facebook, Ebay, or Etsy Shops. We can ship all live plants, seeds, and fresh/dehydrated pepper pods!

Each plant is started indoors, completely pesticide free, and shipped to you neatly via USPS in a 3 inch nursery pot or similar container with organic soil mix! Local pickup and delivery is also available (Columbia, S.C.).

***SPECIAL NOTE for Ordering/Unboxing Live Plants:

Please do NOT order live plants if your zip code is experiencing temperatures below freezing! Seedlings are VERY resilient with strong root structures when shipped but they will not survive transfer/arrival in cold weather. We water your plants the morning of shipping, but it is expected that they may arrive looking a bit droopy, yellow, and/or appear half dead out of the box. This is normal! After all, they just traveled several days in a cold and dark box with no sunshine or water. Upon unboxing, water IMMEDIATELY and place your plants in a warm windowsill or partially shaded area outside (direct sunshine may cause too much stress!). *It will take 24-48 hours for the plants to perk back up, so be patient before sending us a message or leaving a negative review!* Additionally, it is best to allow your plants several days to adjust to your climate prior to repotting or replanting to avoid too much stress at once (known as transplant shock). Lastly, a 4″ seedling is pictured in photo #3 for reference only. Your plants may be slightly shorter, taller, thinner, thicker, or fuller when received but still within the 3-6” range as described below when they ship.

Separating Seedlings:

Some of our plants may ship as two plants in one container. You can separate these seedlings to have an extra free plant or simply cut the other seedlings at the base to remove. To easily separate the seedlings if you wish have an extra, first generously soak the soil inside the container. Then, slide the seedlings and soil out. Next, gently remove the soil from around the stems and slowly tease the roots apart until the seedlings separate. Congrats! You can now re-plant or re-pot each seedling. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! We can also send you an easy to follow video on this process!

Plant information:

Name/Species: Roma Tomato

Size (when shipped): 3-6” per seedling

Size (fully grown): 3-4′

Description: Roma tomatoes are PERFECT in making preserves, solid-pack canning, tomato paste and puree. Why? Because that have very little juice and minimal amount of seeds! These plum shaped gems earn an extra point in our book for being disease tolerant to many viruses and bacteria that harm other tomato varieties. Roma plants also stay very compact and require minimal staking! Another Soda City Greens favorite and a must grow for tomato lovers! Determinate vines.

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**Refund Policy- Please note, we do our absolute best to package our live plants safely. It is completely normal for your plants to look a little droopy or yellow out of the box after shipping! See tips above for what to do when your plants arrive. A little water and sunshine will help perk them up in most cases. We also occasionally remove the bottom set of leaves in order to secure the stems. This will not affect the integrity of the plants whatsoever! However, if your plants arrive damaged please send us a picture immediately. We will refund or replace items damaged during shipment or any plant that dies in the ORIGINAL pot within 7 days after you receive it. Once you transplant it into a new container or your garden, we cannot offer any refunds!**

7 reviews for Two Roma Tomato Live Plants

  1. Anonymous

    Came quickly. Excited to buy from a local place and looking forward to seeing them grow!

  2. Tammy Warner

    Thank you so much for posting this! We appreciate it!! 💚

  3. Kimberly B

    Plants arrived in great condition and look hardy. Well packaged.

  4. Anonymous

    Came quickly. Excited to buy from a local place and looking forward to seeing them grow!

  5. Rachel

    Glad your live pepper plants arrived safely, Kimberly! They’re one of our favorites!

  6. Tammy Warner

    The seeds I was sent were perfect. The customer service was also wonderful!

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you for the positive comments, Tammy!

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