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US Seller-Alocasia Yucatan . Corms for sale only 3 ,seedlings will coming soon

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only sell 3corms

variegation on the corm is never guaranteed!!!

will grow rest of them.

seedlings are coming soon

When the leaves are small, you can’t see much pink but you can see the var color. When the leaves are 3in or larger , they will turn to pink or have more pink . If keep 2 leaves are green. Cut off all the leaves, and you’ll get a side bud.

l selling my plants to buy new plants

l’m not professional but l am a plants lover

This shop is not my full time job. My plants will be mailed every Monday and Tuesday, please let me know if you need to mail them at other times.

I’ll pack the best I can. Always working on my packing technique.

What You See Is What You Get

shipping every Monday and Tuesday

I am not responsible for shipping delays or mishandlement by shipping carrier. I pack my plants with care.

There may be plants damage during transportation.

4 reviews for US Seller-Alocasia Yucatan . Corms for sale only 3 ,seedlings will coming soon

  1. Angela

    Really good service!! The seeds arrive pretty fast

  2. Tang Yang

    I reached out to add warm pack with shipment. Responded quickly. Item was packaged with immense care.

  3. Mary MyJane

    Packed very well and shipped promptly. Plant looked exactly as pictured and is healthy. Was moist and not soggy.

  4. Cloee Shackelford

    Great price and excited to watch them grow!

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