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Yacon Live Plant Root/Propagule – Red or White – Ground Apple, Bolivian Sunroot, 雪蓮果, ヤーコン, khoai sâm – Organic (Smallanthus sonchifolius)

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– Dormant root propagule pieces of red/purple variety yacon (NOTE: These are not the edible tubers, these are roots used for growing). Md (medium) size pieces fit through a 2″ square but not a 1″ square. Lrg (large) pieces do not fit through a 2″ square. Plants and root are frost sensitive so plant with protection or after danger of frost

– Instructions URL (document on the web)



Yacón can be started indoors to get a jumpstart if you have a short growing season, otherwise, plant dormant crowns in well drained soil whenever ground is workable. Dormant crowns can be stored before planting if necessary in damp peat moss (or similar). Ideally the plant should have at least 5 months of frost free growth for a sizable root yield. Choose a sunny, warm well drained spot. Application of a potassium fertilizer is beneficial. Although the plant can handle periods of drought, for best root production water well once established. Plants are generally easy to grow and care for.

Harvest the roots in the fall or winter once foliage has been killed by frost. Store tubers in a humid environment (they do not keep if let to dry). Tubers improve with age as the flavor and sweetness concentrates. Store for at least 1 month out of the ground. In ideal storage conditions, can be kept for 4+ months.

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We are Four Oak Farm, a small registered organic family farm in Northern California; we use no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Check our other listings for more available plants. Check us out on Instagram @fouroakfarm



Shipments are made promptly via USPS. PO boxes are acceptable but you must ensure timely pickup at your PO. If your area is still at freezing temperatures, please DO NOT ORDER cold sensitive plants or roots (such as yacon, sunchoke, etc)



We guarantee viability of plant material received (so long as not left in a mailbox for prolonged period or left to freeze in inclement weather)

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4 reviews for Yacon Live Plant Root/Propagule – Red or White – Ground Apple, Bolivian Sunroot, 雪蓮果, ヤーコン, khoai sâm – Organic (Smallanthus sonchifolius)

  1. kevintp

    Great Seller. Fast Shipping. +++++

  2. Jessie

    This looked healthy and is already sprouting.

  3. P

    Yacon is new to me and I am excited to grow this root vegetable. I have purchased two sunchoke varieties with this seller before and knew they’d offer good quality rhizomes.

  4. Geo

    Everything was done right. There were no problems at all.

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