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225 Succulent Cuttings with over 80 Varieties

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Plants will vary from the picture and will not look exactly the same. Plants are currently growing in their designated pot sizes that are listed on the plant description. Plants are sent bareroot meaning they do NOT come with a pot. Plants may have some imperfections caused by the shipping process. IF DAMAGE IS SUSTAINED DURING SHIPMENT, FILE A CLAIM WITH THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, upon doing so, please let us know so we can assist you in any way. We are not responsible for damage done by poor handling practices of the postal service.


You will receive 225 Succulent cuttings, plus 20 to 25 exotic, rare succulent cuttings as extra bonus. The cuttings are similar to the pictures above. They range from 1 to 7 inches . We always choose the best quality in stock to ship.

***NOTE*** The cuttings are SIMILAR to the pictures above. Color variance will change on certain types of succulents due to the season of the year and the amount of sun exposure. Depending on the season, not all succulents shown will be available in this bundle, but some not pictured will be supplemented. Pictures are examples of the varieties you will receive and are subject to change without change in the displayed picture.

***If you are ordering from areas below 35 degrees, it is best for you to purchase the extra wrapping sheet/sheets to protect plants from freezing. We are not responsible for frozen plants.***

We will ship 1-3 days Via USPS priority mail and ship out from Monday to Thursday.

Before checking out, please make sure your address is correct or else your shipment may be delayed.

Please open your package upon arrival. Instruction to care for your succulents is included. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Please message us if there are problems or concerns about your order. We will resolve it promptly.

Happy Planting!

* Please message us for a combined shipping discount if you plan to purchase multiple items.



Planting cuttings

1. The cut should dry out, making the new plant less susceptible to rot. Cuttings can be planted after 5-10 days of drying (thick stems require a longer drying period), growing a “callous” over the cut surface. This can take anywhere from two to seven days. To dry the wound, leave the cutting in a shady, warm exposure, not direct sun.

2. Prepare a succulent potting mix. While waiting for the cuttings to dry, fill a small pot with a fast-draining succulent/cactus potting mix. If you wish to make

your own, mix together three parts potting soil, two parts sand, and one part perlite. Use coarse, salt-free, store-bought sand if possible since hand-gathered sand may contain microorganisms or salts that could harm plants.

3.Select an appropriately sized pot to plant your cutting.

Succulent plants thrive in pots that aren’t too much bigger than the plant itself. Pots that allow for about an inch or two of growing room should be fine while the cutting is getting started. The pot must have a drainage hole.


1.Plant the cutting. Stems cuttings can be planted as usual, burying the stem until the lowest leaves are just above the soil, but not touching it. Buried leaves are more likely to rot, so if you have a leaf cutting, try just touching the cut end to the soil surface, propping the leaf up with pebbles.

2.Place the plant in a warm, airy location. Young succulents may not have the water supply to withstand direct sunlight, unlike adult plants. They do best in

indirect sunlight, temperatures of around 68ºF (20ºC), and in locations with good airflow.

3. Keep the soil slightly moist. Young succulent cuttings need a regular supply of water in order to stay alive and develop roots. However, succulents are

adapted to dry climates and will usually rot if kept in soaking conditions. Try using a spray bottle or small pitcher to add water to the top of the soil as soon it dries out, or about every week or two in cold weather, since the roots have not yet developed.

4.Reduce watering as the plant develops. A stem cutting may have a sufficient root system after four weeks (depending on your climate), at which point

you may water as infrequently as once a month. Leaf cuttings will develop more slowly, but can also be tracked by eye as small leaves and roots emerge from the cut end. Gradually reduce watering frequency once the roots enter the soil, which may take six weeks or longer. It is MUCH more likely that a cutting will be killed by over watering than under watering.

5.Use fertilizer cautiously. Succulents are slow-growing plants, and are not adapted to growing in high-nutrient soil.Use a balanced fertilizer (for instance, 10-10-10) only during the growing season, and only once the young plant is at least four weeks old, with established roots. Consider using the fertilizer at ½ or ¼ the recommended dose, to prevent the plant becoming overly tall and “leggy” with little foliage, or burning its root system.

4 reviews for 225 Succulent Cuttings with over 80 Varieties

  1. Vivek Katyal

    Great items – all the good things others have said are true – amazing items! thanks again

  2. taran savoie

    Absolutely amazing combo of cuttings! There was soooo much in here and the size and quality is amazing. I have a few different orders in from nursery wholesalers and the quality here blows all of those away. will be ordering more once i go through these!

  3. ivonnepr68

    healthy cuts more than I expect

  4. Beth

    Beyond what I expected. I ordered from a different seller a few years ago when I lost all my plants do to weather and they didn’t even come close to this shop!!! 🙃 very very happy and my green house now has life and color!!

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