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Amazonian Bromeliad | Ghost Bromeliad

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Bromeliad ‘Silvervase’

origins: Amazonian Rainforest

These Bromeliads produce one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. A beautiful melody of pink and blue make up this extremely textured/layered singular flower.

This plant reminds me “Less is more”. I can very easily appreciate and even have the patience to allow such a complex flower to emerge only one time in each Bromeliads life.

Its clumping type growth pattern will ensure new offsprings and the future of the plants survival.

Oasis Bamboo Choice plant combo with Bamboo

4 reviews for Amazonian Bromeliad | Ghost Bromeliad

  1. Cruz Rios

    Received my order as described……

  2. Helen

    Good quality met my expectations ❤️

  3. Paul

    Good amount of roots and well packaged.

  4. Paul Hall

    Was helpful with answering questions even before I purchased. Once i received the plant the business continued to help me!!!

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