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California grown Passion Fruit 5lbs purple

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Our passion fruits are grown in beautiful Carpinteria, California on a spray-free family run farm along side avocado trees. Passion fruit is a super fruit with an irresistible flavor – we are absolutely in love and wish to spread its goodness!

All orders are sent promptly and arrive fresh. Slice open and eat with a spoon, or enjoy a few of our favorite ways listed below:


frozen pulp

ice cream

over yogurt

cocktail mixer (highly recommend passionfruit margaritas and passionfruit mules!)


salad dressing

caramel or curd

lemon-passionfruit bars

Passion fruit has positive health benefits and is an overall nice pick me up with a unique flavor.

Remember, please wash your fruit before eating.

Feel free to message us if you have any questions or requests! Bruising on fruit is natural but the fruit inside stays good – if anything is not up to your satisfaction message us and we’ll make things right : )

-Amanda and Matthew Gallup

4 reviews for California grown Passion Fruit 5lbs purple

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    The fruits came fresh and tasty.

  2. Mark Cua

    Prompt shipping, fruit is always excellent quality.

  3. Mark Cua

    Prompt shipping, fruit is consistently of excellent quality.

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    Jackpot!!! The passion fruit is just gorgeous and delicious! My new favorite passion fruit store.

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