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Copper fountain bowl. Backyard water feature. Fountains.

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Two spun copper fountain bowls and one cast bronze tree. Tree is hollow and has a 1/2 inch tube inside that allows water to flow into upper bowl. Bottom bowl is big 32″ diameter with 12″ depth. Top bowl is 24 inch diameter with 7 inch depth. Comes with pump and all that you need for it to work.

4 reviews for Copper fountain bowl. Backyard water feature. Fountains.

  1. Chelsea Sapp

    These cover plates are as beautiful as I hoped, good quality, and Joe resolved the shipping issue immediately when it came up. Love love love these covers!

  2. Lynn Kokal

    thank you for quality item

  3. anita wright

    very pretty switch plates. would buy again

  4. Chelsea Sapp

    These are so beautiful, I’m so glad I bought them!

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