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Cuttings for Propagation | Variety of Plant Cuttings (no repeats) | Unrooted Clippings | Plant Mystery Box

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🌿 This listing is for 7 Mystery Cuttings with no repeats (or 3 if your looking for a budget friendly option). A cutting is considered a single node, leaf, or stem that can be propagated. Each cutting will be individually packaged & labeled. Instructions included!

🚨If the temperature is below 55° at night in your area 🚨

It is recommended that you get a heat pack for cuttings to arrive alive. If it’s below freezing, you also need thermal wrap (separate listing).


🌿 Double your order if you want repeats. (Or see our 14 Mystery Cutting listing for no repeats & more variety).


🌿 Please see our “Pick Your Own” listing to order specific cuttings & we’ll add them to your order.


📦🎉 We use lots of crinkle paper to ensure a safe trip with improved temperature control for your new babies making our boxes more giftable than our competitors.

🌱👶🏻 If you’re super new to propagation I recommend that you get “7 Cuts + All Add-Ons” for a one-stop experience at checkout. You’ll get a hanging propagation station to start rooting your cuttings in water immediately. You’ll also get seven 2×2” lightweight nursery pots & all cuttings will be dipped in rooting powder to help get you growing faster.


😻 🥳 🤩 😻 THE LIST 😻 🥳 🤩 😻

Any of these plant cuttings could be in your box:

Asterisk Ivy

Berry Allusion Arrowhead plant – Synogonium

Bettina Ivy


Brazil Philodendron

Burro’s tail Sedum



Dog’s tail cactus

Dwarf Clusia Rosea

Elephant bush – Portulacaria afra

Glacier Ivy

Golden Pothos

Heart leaf philodendron


Hoya Carnosa compacta – wax plant


Kiwi aeonium succulent

Little Gem Sedum

Manjula pothos

Marble/snow Queen Pothos

Mini monstera – Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

Moonlight Treubii Pothos (scindapsus)

Neon Pothos

Neon Robusta Syngonium

Night Blooming Cereus

Pamela Ivy

Pilea Glauca

Pilea Peppermodes

Pitch Apple plant – Clusia Rosea

Prickly Pear Cactus

Purple Heart (tradescantia palladia)


Red Prayer Plant (Maranta)

Rabbits Foot Maranta

Rainbow Elephant Bush

Silver Satin Pothos (Scindapsus Pictus)

Snow Queen Pothos

Song of India

String of Dolphins

String of Hearts

String of Turtles

Thanksgiving Cactus

Tradescantia Zebrina (Wandering Dude)

Umbrella Plant – Schefferella

Variegated Ivy

Variegated Schefferella

Vera Higgins succulent

Watermelon peperomia

And more! Our collection is constantly growing.



+ Rooting Hormone Add-on: each node or cut end is dipped in rooting hormone for quicker and stronger rooting to ensure better propagation rates.

+ 7 Pots (includes dip): include 7 lightweight 2×2 nursery pots. They have great drainage and are widely used by nurseries to help provide quick rooting for starter plants and prevent root rot.

+ Water Garden Hanging Propagation Station Set (includes dip): we will include a hanging propagation station and make sure your cuts are suitable for starting off in water. This means that there will not be any cuttings (like succulents, cacti, ect.) that don’t grow well in water. The prop station includes the vials.

+ All add-ons: includes dip, 7 nursery pots, and a hanging propagation station with 7 vials. (Cuttings will be a mix of water and soil propagatable cuttings)



We ship Mon-Wed. Check that your shipping address is correct, up to date, & includes applicable unit or apt numbers before ordering. I am not responsible for excessive weather conditions (heat or cold), USPS delays, lost or stolen packages. Plant clippings may have browning, bruising, creasing, or other damage upon receipt due to shipping.

📫 If your package is crushed or damaged upon receipt take pictures of the package before & after opening to file a claim with the USPS.

💌 If there is a problem with your order please message us within 24 hours of your delivery receipt. While we can’t guarantee every cutting will grow we’ll do our best to help you become a pro propagator by providing expert care tips.

4 reviews for Cuttings for Propagation | Variety of Plant Cuttings (no repeats) | Unrooted Clippings | Plant Mystery Box

  1. Jessie Houston

    My items arrived right on time and it great shape! Upon delivery I had a few questions and they were answered within the hour! I was very impressed with this store 🪴🩷

  2. Jennifer Bloomstrand

    Great assortment of cuttings and perfect little propagation station!

  3. Olivea

    As always, I am not disappointed in the mystery cuttings 😀

  4. Brennon Menzing

    Love the props. Showed up in great healthy condition

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