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Egyptian walking onions, bulb onion, winter hardy perennial, low maintenance, grown using organic methods, egypt walking onion

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I started growing these onions as a way to teach my young girls about farming and to spend quality time outside. They immediately fell in love with the growing process of these onions and wanted to know all about the walking onions. A year later, as the onions began to multiply, I started selling them and the girls began to take even more interest. Every spring they start asking when we can open our store to sell our onions to other people. The girls are now learning about running a small business and get very excited to harvest, pack and ship every new order.

The walking onions, Egyptian onion, Tree onion, topsetting onions, or Allium × proliferum, are similar to common onions, but with a cluster of bulblets where a normal onion would have flowers will grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 10. Though a perennial, walking onions are commonly grown as an annual crop.

Each starter plant you receive started out as a bulbet at least a year ago and has now grown to at least 6 inches of onion and a few inches of bare roots. Since it takes a year or two before the onions start to multiply or walk, your starter plants should have a head start over planting a bulbet this year. Your onions will be dug up and shipped untrimmed the same day as they are shipped.

To plant set the onion bulbs in the soil about 2 inches deep, with 8 inches between each bulbil set. Onions don’t like heavy, wet soil, so make sure your soil has good tilth. They like full to partial sun and occasional watering. To get them started water them on a regular basis and once established you can cut back the watering.

These onions were grown on our small farm in northwest Illinois using non-certified organic growing methods.

If there is a problem with your order, please contact me as soon as possible. It would also be helpful if you could send pictures. Shipping can be stressful to plants, and some yellowing of the leaves or droopiness of the plant is not uncommon, but most plants will recover quickly. I will be happy to answer any questions you have and will work with you to make sure your order meets your expectations.

Thank you for your support!

4 reviews for Egyptian walking onions, bulb onion, winter hardy perennial, low maintenance, grown using organic methods, egypt walking onion

  1. Helena Boulding

    I wanted to wait until they actually started growing before I posted my review, I ordered 8 and all 8 are thriving and looking magical! I can’t wait to harvest some and re plant a few of the bulbs that are developing! I am in love with Egyptian walking onions now! Thank you so much 😊

  2. Summer

    Items matched description, just highly unfortunate that it was received mangled and complete, unrevivably dead.
    I’ve been desperately trying to have them make a come back thinking that they must just look that way, even though I’m a long-term gardener and I know a dead plant when I see one… but, nope… still dead.
    plant was received in a bubble envelope, with what appeared to look like a once wet paper towel around the roots. the plant was a young plant to start with, however once received the plants were broken, dehydrated and completely dried out. I have mixed emotions if it was any fault to seller, or just how it was shipped and fault placed on USPS. UPDATE: After submitting review seller reached out and offered to make it right with new plants. that was so very kind of an offer that i have changed my “star” review.

  3. Shaun Rasmussen

    they seem to be doing alright

  4. Susan Pater

    Shipped quickly. Starts were healthy and a generous amount. Packed well.

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