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Large contemporary garden sculpture, ‘Together’ sculpture, abstract bronze sculpture, yard statue

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Solid cold cast bronze and resin

Size: Height 69 cm (includes slate base)

Width 42 cm

Depth 16 cm

‘Together’ cold cast bronze and gold with resin sculpture for the garden or home

Mounted on 20cm x 20cm x3cm slate base. It celebrates companionship and spending time with loved ones.

Edition number shown on sculpture – the sculpture is hand made and finished to a very high standard. I will provide with the sculpture a ‘ Certificate of Authenticity’ signed and numbered by me. The edition number is applied to the finished sculpture.

Moulded and cold cast by my family’s business at

Have a look at the website to see more about the sculpture moulding and casting process.

The sculpture is solid and heavy, special care is made during packing and delivery.

My sculptures are all inspired by the sea and coast where I live in Hove. I look at the textures of eroded pebbles, drift wood and shells. Also the movement of the water and tides. For this sculpture I have combined the outer texture and colour of bronze with verdigris together with an old gold colouring. I’ve also been inspired by the decorative sculptural gold embellishments featured in the beautiful Arundel Castle walled garden, close to where I live.

All of my sculptures are sculpted in clay and plaster, they are then moulded and cast (normally in bronze and resin) to a very high standard in my families sculpture casting workshop, LS Sculpture, have a look at the website to see more about the process.

Each sculpture edition is unique as they are finished by hand using several stages before the final cold cast bronze resin with wax patina finish is achieved. These sculptures are of the highest quality finish and great care and time is taken to achieve this.

I can provide a variety of finishes such as aluminium, iron or copper. If you would like the sculpture to be cast in an alternative finish then please don’t hesitate with your request. I would be happy to arrange this.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do they weather with age?

A. The sculptures are completely frost-proof making them suitable for the garden. Due to the almost solid bronze outer layer, they do react with the weather and can, as solid bronze, develop verdigris. This can be cleaned off if required by using a small “wash up” sponge with a rough side to it. This will highlight the metal.

Q. What about after care?

A. Do not use strong detergents or chemical cleaners, as this will destroy the patination. It is advisable to polish them with pure bees wax once or twice a year. You can do this by applying the wax from a tin, brush over the sculpture, leave for 5 minutes then buff lightly with a cloth.

Q. Securing the sculpture?

A. The sculptures are made with a threaded nut encapsulated in the base where a threaded rod can be screwed into the base. The sculpture can then be fixed into a pedestal or pushed into the ground to give it stability.

Q. Ordering sculptures?

A. Ordering an additional sculpture in bronze or another finish such as aluminium or rusted iron for example has a lead-time of 6 weeks.

Please don’t hesitate to email me for further information.

3 reviews for Large contemporary garden sculpture, ‘Together’ sculpture, abstract bronze sculpture, yard statue

  1. Nicole

    Beautiful piece outstanding quality and will likely order another sculpture from this artist again. Very fast delivery.

  2. sailfast470

    We’re thrilled with it. It’s a fine sculpture. Very classy

  3. Jan

    Beautiful piece. Arrived very quickly and in perfect condition

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