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Large Wind Chimes can be custom designed. The text, graphics, logo, and colors chosen by you.

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Standing 8 feet tall with a 11-inch diameter top. The top and wind sail are made from 1/4-inch-thick colored acrylic. The chime tubes are made from 2- and 5/16-inch diameter thick-walled aluminum. This chime has a very relaxing deep sound with a 3/4-inch high-density polyethylene clapper (striker). It only takes a gentle breeze to hear this deep melodic wind chime.

This Wind Chime can be bought as is or custom made to your design. Your text and graphics are laser cut or engraved into wood or many colors of acrylic. These designs can then be painted in the colors that you choose.

All of our wind chimes are supported by stainless steel cables attached to internal pins and pass through the top hook to be welded in place at the end of the support hook.

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We can do sports or company logos, superheroes, animals, memorials, photo realistic, or custom symbols and designs. Available in several colors.

The chime tubes are made from thick-walled unpainted aluminum tubing.

All of our wind chimes are guaranteed for life against breakage.

5 reviews for Large Wind Chimes can be custom designed. The text, graphics, logo, and colors chosen by you.

  1. Brenda Stevens

    The PACKING OMG lol safe INDEED took awhile to unpack waiting for my son now to help me hang, it’s 30 lbs of absolute perfection!
    A dream come true

  2. Kim Claire

    It was Even More Perfect Than I Imagined ♥️

  3. Anonymous

    Exactly as ordered! Wonder product and seller

  4. Reina Gold

    The chimes are so beautiful! We haven’t hung them yet, but they are simply divine, and the inscription and design I requested look lovely. The chimes are for my husband’s birthday and are a tribute to our deceased parents. We look forward to hearing them sing and feeling the presence of our ancestors! Thank you so much for such a lovely offering!

  5. Christina

    Thank you for the wonderful review. I am so glad that you liked them and it was an honor that you chose me to make this wind chime for you.

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