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Modern Floating Cube Water Feature – Customizable Indoor/Outdoor Fountain 20x20x20


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Discover the sleek and modern Cube Custom Water Feature, a minimalist masterpiece designed to bring a contemporary touch to any space. This striking water fountain, perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, combines clean lines and a simple cube design with the tranquil flow of water, creating a focal point that is both visually appealing and soothing.

Crafted with precision, our Cube Water Feature is customizable, allowing you to select materials and finishes that perfectly match your decor. Whether it’s the centerpiece of your garden, a tranquil addition to your patio, or an artistic statement in your living room, this water feature is designed to fit seamlessly into your space and lifestyle.

Installation is straightforward, and maintenance is minimal, ensuring that you can enjoy the calming presence of your water feature without hassle. Choose the Cube Custom Water Feature to add a touch of modern elegance and serenity to your home or garden.

Add lights to make this unique feature appear even more magical (extra $750). This amazing floating cube is sure to start conversations.

Standard Size listed is: 20″ x 20 ” x 20″

Choose from copper, stainless steel or corten steel.

Decorative basin siding is also available if this fountain is installed above ground. (extra $1,000) For more customization options, go to our official website:

Image #10 in gallery shows 4ft cube we powder coated black and just shipped to happy home owner in Virginia.

“Bob: The cube looks perfect! They really got it right. Can’t wait to get it! Super Excited! Thanks!”

All Units Ship to you Plug and Play ready!

Pricing for some sizes of single cubes:

20″ x 20 ” x 20″ : $5995.00 for all metal types

2′ x 2′ Copper- $7995.00

2′ x 2′ Corten Steel- $7995.00

2′ x 2′ Stainless- $7995.00

3’ x 3’ Copper – $10,995.00

3’ x 3’ Corten Steel- $10,995.00

3′ x 3′ Stainless $10,995.00

4’ x 4’ Corten Steel – $14,495.00

4’ x 4’ Stainless – $14,495.00

4′ x 4′ Copper $14,495.00

Underground basin sizes:

20in x 20in x 20in cube basin: 30in x 30in x 12in deep.

2ft x 2ft x 2ft cube: Basin: 36in x 36in x 12 in deep.

3ft x 3ft x 3ft cube: Basin: 48in x 48in x 12 in deep.

4ft x 4ft x 4ft cube: Basin: 60in x 60in x 12 in deep.

When installing it would be best to put a pond liner tarp, or pavers, about 4-6 feet around these units with slight slope towards basin to help retain water in basin.

If you use a tarp, have your installer put rocks on tarp to match those you put on basin.


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