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Monstera Albo Variegated – Rooted – Potted – Cutting or Established Plant Available – US Seller – Monstera Deliciosa Borsigiana Variegata

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Monstera Albo Borsigiana Variegated SINGLE Leaf ROOTED Cutting.

Multiple plants are available. The actual plant will be similar to the photos. While the size, shape, and fenestration of the leaf may vary, all cuttings are rooted.

You will receive a ROOTED Monstera Albo. All of our Monstera Albo cuttings and plants ship with well developed rooted structures. This is much better than a monstera cutting with just an aerial root or worse, no roots at all. The reason is that the rooting process takes time, skill, and is often prone to root rot. By purchasing a rooted monstera albo, you avoid that high risk stage.

Packaged with lots of love and care. The Variegated Monstera Albo Borsigiana Rooted Cutting plant will ship bare root and priority to you.


We want your plant purchase to be an enjoyable experience and for you to receive beautiful, healthy plants. We guarantee that your plant will arrive in good condition and be free of any health related problems for a period of 10 days from the delivery date. This includes any damage that may occur during shipping or other issues that may affect the health of the plant. If the plant does have an issue within the 10-day period then you must contact us IMMEDIATELY, and make us aware of your concern. We will work with you to fix the issue and if need be, will send a replacement. It’s important for you to contact us immediately if there is a problem as most issues are easily fixable if caught early.


You may experience some browning or blemishes of the monstera’s leaf. This is common when this type of monstera gets stressed or has changes to its watering. While we take every step to avoid browning, it sometimes occurs. It is purely superficial and will not affect the quality of the plant or the quality of its variegation.


Package Warmers are required when shipping to locations with temperatures below 55 degrees. Package Warmers can be purchased here:


We do our best to avoid cosmetic blemishes

B-Stock are normal single leaf cuttings were the leaf may have a blemish(s). This is usually either browning or a tear in the leaf. Blemishes do not affect the overall well being of the plant. After a few leaves grow, you won’t even notice the blemished leaf, or can always choose to remove it. B-Stock is a great way to get the plant you want for a significant discount.


Plant cuttings come with risks. By Purchasing a cutting, you acknowledge that you understand the plant that you’re buying, the risks involved, and that you know how to grow it from a cutting.

For additional Monstera Albo plant care or questions, please contact us.

There are no refunds, returns, or cancellations for this product.

5 reviews for Monstera Albo Variegated – Rooted – Potted – Cutting or Established Plant Available – US Seller – Monstera Deliciosa Borsigiana Variegata

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you

  2. Sign in with Apple user

    Nice and healthy so excited to watch it grow to maturity. Love it.

  3. Morgan Rae

    Let me just say—WOW! I purchased a single node rooted cutting with no leaf (premium high variegation), then reached out to purchase an upgrade to a single leaf plant. What actually arrived was a gorgeous 2-leaf top cut, fenestrated plant with a 3rd petiole ready to start the next leaf!! The seller was kind enough to upgrade me at no additional cost because of a long wait for the plant to ship (I purchased it Feb 2 and it arrived March 29). If you’re in a rush this might not be the shop for you. But if you don’t mind waiting for a gorgeous, healthy plant this is your place! 10/10 I will buy from this seller in the future. Thank you for my Albo baby 🥰

  4. curlyjfoster

    Gorgeous Plant, well packaged. Great customer service, they scheduled shipping to avoid freezing temps in my area.

  5. Tyler Brown

    It arrived within about 3 days after it left pre-transite and in great condition

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