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Organic Avocado Variety Box, Bacon & Hass, Premium avocados, Hand-picked California grown avocados, Avocado fruit box. Freshness Guaranteed

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Bacon and Hass Avocado box, 8lbs, 10-12 fruits. Premium quality organic avocados locally grown in California. Our hand-picked Bacon and Hass avocados are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. We guarantee that our avocados meet high standards for quality and freshness. Each avocado gets carefully inspected before packaging.

Box Size

Regular: Around 5 Bacon avocados and 7 Hass avocados depending on size, weight 8lbs.

Bacon avocados vary in size from approximately 10oz – 1lbs

Hass Avocados are between 7 to 14 oz/each.

Shape and taste

The Bacon avocados are regular green with a thin smooth skin. When the avocado is ripe, the skin remains the same color unlike Hass that turns dark purple. Bacon avocados have a buttery and smooth texture and are more juicy than Hass. These avocados can be eaten raw, but great for in smoothies, or in dips.

Freshness guarantee

We guarantee that our fruits meet our customers’ high standards for quality and freshness.

Free shipping

Free shipping on every fruit box order.

Our fruits are shipped directly from our farm in North County San Diego, Valley Center by USPS priority mail. You will receive your fruit box within 3-5 days after it’s shipped.

Return/Refund Policy

Due to perishability, we do not accept returns. Although if your fruit box for any reason, not meet your expected standard, please reach out to us and we will find a solution.

About us

We are a small family-owned farm located in Valley Center, North county San Diego in California. Our passion is producing organic quality fruits. As small local farmers we feel rewarded providing good quality, organic fruits directly to consumers. We believe selling to consumers directly is valuable & rewarding. The fruits are freshly picked & in your hands within a week, they have not been in any warehouse or cooler or grocery store, it’s touched by 1 or 2 people before reaching your hands.

Thank you for supporting our local small fruit farm.


If you have any questions or concerns, kindly contact us.

5 reviews for Organic Avocado Variety Box, Bacon & Hass, Premium avocados, Hand-picked California grown avocados, Avocado fruit box. Freshness Guaranteed

  1. Melanie Straker

    Arrived quickly, no damage. The fruit from this shop is really good and this box is a nice mix of different citrus and also had a few passionfruit thrown in – thanks! I’ve ordered several times from this shop already and highly recommend it.

  2. Emma Mcmahon

    Delicious passion fruits! I highly recommend

  3. Anonymous

    Very prompt when it came to shipping! The package arrived with delicious, juicy, sweet and tart passion fruits! Most are ready for eating while a couple will be ready in a few days which is perfect.

  4. Melanie Straker

    Limes arrived quickly and look great and most are partially to fully ripe. Thanks!

  5. Ezekiel

    Glad the box arrived safely & that you enjoy the fruits. Thanks for ordering with us.

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