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Three Tier Bamboo Fountain

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Bamboo Fountains are Designed to provide serenity and tranquility of the sound of water owing gently indoors, on a balcony or porch, or outside in a landscaped backyard. Choose your favorite location or container and create any look or sound.

If you plan to use a round pot follow the dimensions below. If you use a square/rectangular pot the fountain can sit on the edge and these dimensions don’t apply. Pot / Container shown in the photographs is for example only. Pot is not included with the order.

6″ fountain will fit a 6″ diameter round pot

12″ fountain will fit a 10″ diameter round pot

18″ fountain will fit a 12″ diameter round pot

We don’t recommend greater than 6″ depth for the pump. It will reduce the pump flow. If you can anchor the pump 6″ from the base of the fountain the pot can be deeper.

NOTE: We do not ship outside the conterminous United States consists of the 48 adjoining U.S. states.

4 reviews for Three Tier Bamboo Fountain

  1. Lisa M

    Wonderful store!

  2. Katlina Katalina

    This is my second order. Unfortunately I ordered the 18″ and had to return it, and they don’t have materials to make a 12″… why the 5 star rating? Because my previous fountain was so lovely as I imagine this one would be too.

  3. Hamilton

    Took longer than expected to ship but was sent an additional gift to make up for it! 10/10 would shop here again!!

  4. Gisele M

    Beautiful piece! Great quality and craftmanship.

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