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Turquoise Stained Glass-Stained Glass Suncatcher-Stained Glass Mobile-Turquoise Suncatcher-Turquoise

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This turquoise chain is 18 inches in length and just under 5 inches across from point to point

This piece is made up of six 4″ squares. Each square is made up of various shades of turquoise and aqua glass.

No two chains will be exactly the same. I choose the individual pieces that make up the squares to create random patterns

The various colors of turquoise glass are cut from large sheets of glass, each sheet has many color variations, this makes each piece unique unto itself

I have attempted to take pictures in different amounts of sunlight to show how different the colors can look

Most of the pictures are taken hanging in front of an open window to get a clear picture, I also took a picture with the chains in front of the window blinds to show how beautiful they look with indirect sunlight

The second picture shows the chain hanging in a window that is 33 inches high to give an idea of how it fills a window

The two last pics show a version of the chain I make using all cathedral/clear turquoise glass

Click on the link to see all the colors I have available, I am adding new colors all the time§ion_id=23475061

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4 reviews for Turquoise Stained Glass-Stained Glass Suncatcher-Stained Glass Mobile-Turquoise Suncatcher-Turquoise

  1. Lorelei Lisa Bobby

    Very happy with purchase. The item was extremely well packaged, it arrived super early. Nothing but positive remarks to say about this fine seller. Thank you !

  2. Valerie Brandon

    I gave this stained glass to my sister and she loved it! It was beautiful and arrived just as described.

  3. Eileen

    This was the perfect thing to hang in a tall stairwell. Very pleased with the craftsmanship and how securely it was packaged.

  4. Sign in with Apple user

    Really nice quality and a beautiful kinetic glass piece!
    Fast shipping too….Thanks!

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