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3 Steps 3 tier Cascading waterfall fountain with Defogger for outdoor indoor home decor garden patio


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Steps waterfall fountain is a unique and eye-catching water feature that incorporates a ladder-like structure in its design. Unlike traditional cascading waterfalls, a ladder waterfall fountain consists of multiple horizontal platforms or steps arranged in a vertical formation, resembling the rungs of a ladder.


A sick home can make you sick. More than 30 million households in the U.S. are plagued by health problems. Things like mold, lead, and radon can cause respiratory problems and developmental delays.

What if you could make your home a healthier place with a beautiful piece of home decor? An indoor water fountain can do just that.

Stress reducing . The calming sound of water trickling in an indoor fountain can create a relaxing ambience for any room. Whether it’s in a sitting room in your home or in a waiting room of a dental office, indoor water features can help people unwind, relax and feel comfortable. The relaxing ambience also encourages people to stick around and return.Water is scientifically proven to put the mind at ease. Being near water, listening to it, even looking at a picture of a blue ocean can reduce your level of stress.

Humans have long had an intrinsic connection to running water. Rivers were a source of life for our ancestors. Our first moments as humans were in the watery world of the womb.

A nearness to water makes the brain release serotonin, the same chemical responsible for happy feelings.

Not everyone can enjoy ocean views from their kitchen window or drop everything and head to the beach. But everyone can enjoy the calming effects of water with an indoor fountain.

Aesthetic, Beautiful Appeal. The styling, shape and materials used in indoor fountains today have greatly improved and are more varied. Ours indoor fountains can complement and enhance a variety of décor and interior styling. Whether you’re looking for something modern, classical or even custom, you can now get the perfect looking fountain for your space.

Improves Air Quality. When the water evaporates from your indoor water features, negative ions are released. These negative ions cleanse the air, making it more refreshing to breathe. The clean air also helps you think more clearly and focus better.

Indoor air quality can take a hit in a closed up house. Indoor fountains can help purify the air.Electronics release a steady flow of positive ions into the air. An excess of these charged molecules can lead to anxiety and inflammation. Rushing water combats positive ions by releasing negative ions.

An indoor water fountain can restore balance to the air in your home. Water fountains can also balance the humidity to dry, winter air.

Stagnant water in humidifiers can form bacteria without proper maintenance, but fountains naturally add moisture to the air without the threat of mold or irritants. The movement of the water as it circulates through the fountain prevents bacteria from thriving.

Doubles as a Humidifier. Table top and free standing fountains add to the moisture of the room, making it more humid. This is great to have when one is congested due to a cold or illness. An increase in humidity is also good for your indoor plants, making them healthy and vibrant-looking.

Improves Quality of Life. The peaceful, gentle trickling of a home water feature is a great de-stressor. It promotes relaxation, thoughtfulness, peace, comfort and sleep. More sleep and less stress make one naturally more energetic, happy and optimistic, leading to a heightened quality of life and better health Disrupted sleep is damaging to overall health and brain function. Water fountains provide a source of white noise that can help you sleep deeper for longer.

Improves Feng Shui. Water is one of the five elements of Feng Shui, the ancient art of harmonizing humans with their environments. The ambiance of Feng Shui can improve your mood and increase productivity.

Decorating with watery colors or glass and mirrors can provide the water element. Or you can incorporate actual water into your home’s design with a one of a kind fountain

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We supply LED fitted and Pump which are 220 volts, Please advise if a voltage converter as per your country will be required and arranged at the time of order.

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