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Artistic Rain Shower Fountain – Modern Outdoor Water Feature for Gardens & Patios


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Transform your garden or patio into a serene oasis with the Artistic Rain Shower Fountain, a sleek and mesmerizing water feature that mimics the peaceful ambiance of a rain shower. This meticulously crafted fountain merges stunning design with the calming melody of cascading water, offering a peaceful haven right in your backyard. Ideal for modern outdoor spaces, it introduces an element of sophistication and tranquility, serving as a striking centerpiece for any setting.

This imposing water feature stands at an impressive height of 5 feet, with a 5-foot diameter upper circle supported by an elegantly curved stem. Water cascades down in a captivating ring, producing a beautiful sound and a visually stunning spectacle that commands attention and admiration.

90” Diameter x 96” tall rain shower fountain with 96” x 12” circular basin

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