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Waterfall Fountain Outdoor


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I custom make these wall waterfall fountains in Florida USA. They truly transform any outdoor space into an opulent oasis! The sound is so soothing and the look is amazing. They are lighted with waterproof LED lights that look amazing at night! Pictures don’t do these fountains justice! The size, scale and quality is so much more in person.

They’re made from fiberglass composite and epoxy so they are completetly waterproof and made to withstand the outdoor elements. I spent the last 20 years in the marine industry designing and building boats so everything on my fountains is built to marine standards. The materials I use are the best quality you can buy and I build my fountains to last a lifetime. Three of my fountains were completely under water for several hours when Hurricane Ian hit Southwest Florida in September 2022. Three large concrete planters next to them where completely washed away but when the waters receded the fountains were still standing! The next day they worked perfectly and they continue to work flawlessly to this day!

This fountain is 5 feet tall 3 feet wide and 22 inches deep. They have a stucco style finish and can be painted to match your home or any color you want. They come in two large pieces (to make them easier to ship and handle) that are easy to put together. The pieces are lightweight and easy to handle and move around. Your finished fountain will be easy to move into place, then when you fill it with water it will be solidly weighted to your patio or lanai. You should be up and running in less than 30 minutes! You can also put your fountain on a remote control so all you have to do is hit on/off on the remote (this really impresses your friends).

All you need to run your fountain is a standard electric outlet nearby. The fountain has it’s own built in water tank that recirculates the water. Just fill it with regular water from your hose. I recommend adding some pool chemical occasionally to keep your water crystal clear. If you have a pool, the easiest thing is to simply fill it with water from your pool (I just use a five gallon bucket). If you don’t have a pool it’s no problem to just add a little pool chemical occasionally.


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