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Copper Water Fountain – Cat Tail Table Top flared base

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The Cat Tail fountain is interesting because the water cascades right down the front of the fountain. You can watch it leap back and forth down five lily pads from the top to the basin. All cat tails, leaves, stalks, and basin are completely handmade out of copper. They are each hand cut, shaped, assembled – even the patina is done by hand by me.

Fountain Dimensions:

Width: 14 inches

Height: 18 inches

Depth: 14 inches

3 reviews for Copper Water Fountain – Cat Tail Table Top flared base

  1. Kyle Watts

    Love it. Sounds great, has a nice soothing, non annoying tone. Feels high quality. Very relaxing and I love it.

  2. PupPupSweaters

    Awesome, looks beautiful/like a beautiful piece of artwork when not using the pump. However, I used the small pump only 5x and then it stopped working—30min each time I used it, with me being right by it and shutting it off/dumping out water/drying it off so it wasn’t standing in water when I was finished and used clear distilled water to make sure it did not clog. Seller will sell me a new pump, however, I wasn’t happy with this response since this was an expensive piece for me to purchase (was a present to myself for my bday/I spent more than I was going to on A small fountain). So, it’s very very beautiful and finely crafted, however, be prepared you might have to find a way to make it pump water on your own should the pump not work after a few times.

  3. Rachel McCormick

    Gorgeous fountain that makes such a peaceful sound! Couldn’t be happier!

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