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East Indian Mango tree

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This East Indian mango variety boasts a sweet and juicy flavor that will transport your taste buds to the tropics. The mango tree bears abundant fruit, perfect for snacking or adding a tropical twist to your meals. Add a burst of exotic flavor to your life with our East Indian mango! With its unique flavor and texture, this mango variety is sure to please any palate. Try our East Indian mango tree today to experience the best of the tropics!

5 reviews for East Indian Mango tree

  1. Anthony

    Plant came dying package came in a week

  2. Verena Hills

    I was excited to get the miracle fruit tree , tracked my package and was notified by ups that the package was shipped empty and box was destroyed. Contacted this seller and was advised that they will happen to be in my state in the upcoming week with this plant, and intend to deliver it to my home. Never happened. I sent another follow up and received a response that states that the seller now intends to ship it to me again in “better packaging”, which of course didn’t happen as well. As per UPS the first packets had nothing in it… I am sad to say, this is a scam

  3. Gray Velvet Vintage

    Love love love it! Also love your assortment of all the plants in your greenhouse! Enjoy the miracle plant and happy growing!!!!

  4. Sign in with Apple user

    Withstood the stress of the shipping and just needs a lil tlc. I cannot wait to see it bear fruits 🍓

  5. Anonymous

    Because the tree was shipped with hardly any soil, the tree is not doing well. Contacted the seller but no reply.

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