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Jerusalem Artichoke (sunchoke) Tubers

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Freshly dug stampede Jerusalam Artichoke (sunchoke) tubers, Ready to plant or eat. Shipped unwashed to preserve freshness for planting; requires washing for eating. Our prices are competitive and our quality is tops, so order now and receive your tubers in a quick way. Ground shipping 3 – 5 days.

4 reviews for Jerusalem Artichoke (sunchoke) Tubers

  1. MQK510

    good hard to find berries, makes a fine drink.

  2. Sandra Hillman

    Hasn’t shipped. Probably too late to plant Their shipping policy should have been explained to customers before order is placed. I am not happy with this situation.

  3. jason01209

    it is very good to plants

  4. gardenbear45

    Never received item tried contacting twice finally had to go thru Etsy for refund

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