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Variegated String of Hearts | VSOH | Ceropegia woodii | House plants | 2 or 4 inch pot rooted well

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Size: 2 or 4 inch pot and ship with pot


Variegated string of hearts variegation colors are always naturally white. The pink color is temporary due to giving the plant indirectly bright sunlight.

Majority of my variegated string of hearts are white mix pink. Which means some of you will get more pink green one and some of you will get more white green one. It is also shown on my item pictures.

I only use naturally sunlight to grow my plants, so all the color it’s depends on weather. It’s normal to see Pink color fade away. All I can do is just make sure they are healthy, have a good shape, have a good variegation, and good root system. The color will come back easy with the good care. You can slowly give them morning sun. The plant will slowly turn more pink.

A lot plants color will looks different from different season which make them more special and charming.

(Plants will arrive with dry soil to prevent rotting during shipping. Give them deep water. Make sure the soil is 100% wet. Plant will bounce back in 24 hours. Please do not repot right away when you receive, give it a few weeks to get use to the new environment.)

❣️ Take care tips for vsoh:

Morning sun or half sun for keep pink color. (Do not give too much full sun, they are easy to get sunburn)

Water when the soil totally dry, because they always have a little tuber inside like a potato to help them collect enough water. If you keep water everyday. The tuber will rot and the whole plant will die.

Use regular soft Succulents soil mix with coconut shell

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🪴Every plants is unique. I tried my best to provide most of my plants pictures with different conditions and angles. Please double check every pictures

before you order to ensure the plants can meet your expectations.

🪴 Most of my plants size are based off the pot size not the plant itself.

I mostly ship plants with dry soil to avoid rot during shipping. Plants might appear smaller than the stock photos due to this. Make sure to water enough and they should bounce back quickly.

🪴 Please understand succulents have different colors depending on sunlight, temperature, and season. Shipping plants inside a dark box will make colors a little faded. Please follow item description to help bring color back.

🪴 Some plants will have different sizes available on my shop’s with separate listing. Some fragile plants will come with bare root to avoid shipping damage. Please check every item’s title and description to find the details.

🪴 Please allow 1-7 business days to let soil dry after order placed. USPS will take 2-6 days to deliver after I shipped.

🪴 If you have any special requirements or questions, please message me and also leave notes when you place order.

4 reviews for Variegated String of Hearts | VSOH | Ceropegia woodii | House plants | 2 or 4 inch pot rooted well

  1. Stacy

    Really helpful seller for questions I had before. It was really carefully packed and surprisingly very perky when it arrived. Beautiful pink colors and a lot longer strings than I thought I’d get. There was also a few freebies instead (a small clipping and stickers) which made me smile.

  2. Abbey Jirak

    Seller reached out to me directly after she went out of her way to check my states overnight Temps to ensure I wasn’t going to leave the plant overnight to freeze. Cares about her plants getting to where they need to be and providing phenomenal service

  3. Brandi Shreve

    Bigger than expected, came very well packaged and in great condition!

  4. redmonkristy

    I absolutely love my string of pearls! Thank you for the gift. I can’t wait to order more from you💕

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