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Large Eucalyptus Shower Bundle, Eucalyptus Plant Shower, Shower Eucalyptus Cuttings, Shower Eucalyptus Bunch, Eucalyptus Shower Bundles Live

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Introducing our beautiful fresh eucalyptus shower bunch. Each bundle is cut fresh from either our farm in NC or CA depending on the time of year. We cut and bundle each order as they come in meaning you get the freshest eucalyptus you can buy online. Each bundle comes tied with a loop and includes a stainless hook that sticks on hard bathroom surfaces allowing you to put the bundle anywhere you desire.

This stylish eucalyptus bunch also makes for a great decor piece for your wall or a vase. After it has aged to the perfect dried eucalyptus look, your bundle is versatile and is usable all year round in a vase or for any other craft project you have.

The shower eucalyptus bundles offer a variety of wellness benefits with the all natural healing power of the eucalyptus oils in baby blue eucalyptus.

Available in 4 sizes:

– Large – 15+ stems 20-24″ in length

– Medium (most popular) – 8+ stems 15-18″ long

– Small (best for very small shower stalls, bathroom decor with the little to no aroma) – 4+ stems 15-17″ long

– Bath (short bunch to hang on a handle or bath faucet – little to no fragrance about the size of a hand) – 8+ stems 8″ long

The fresh eucalyptus will last between 1-2 weeks before it starts to dry out. When it dries out you can keep it in your shower as long as mold is not growing on it for around a month. *these ranges are approximate* Or, remove it from your shower to dry and use it in a vase for home decor!

ORDER IN TIME: If this is a gift, please give the product ample time to arrive. During Covid it is especially busy for USPS, so order earlier later than later. When it arrives, please open the box and gift it, even if it’s early. Nobody dislikes an early gift. But if it remains in the box, it can dry out, rot, and lose its appeal.


Eucalyptus is known to have an earthy or menthol-like scent. Some people smell the aromas very strongly, while others experience just a faint scent or hardly any at. We pick our freshest stems but it is impossible for us to pick only ones that smell strongly which is why we can not guarantee it.

*during the spring growing season, eucalyptus continues to grow in between the time it is cut and by the time it gets to you. This causes new growth on the end to be tender and will likely turn black and die during shipping or shortly after. We can not control that and you can pluck off the ends of the eucalyptus without compromising the overall quality of your bundle. Please be advised there is also a red discoloring with new growth but it is still fresh eucalyptus.

4 reviews for Large Eucalyptus Shower Bundle, Eucalyptus Plant Shower, Shower Eucalyptus Cuttings, Shower Eucalyptus Bunch, Eucalyptus Shower Bundles Live

  1. Kelly Carter

    As described fresh eucalyptus, looking forward to showering with it.

  2. kenadijiba

    I love the eucalyptus, it looks just as is. It adds so much to my bathroom and I will buy more in the future.

  3. chevalchic

    Pretty but not much smell.

  4. Palm Beach Crystals

    Such fresh leaves! It’s perfect in my shower and very well packaged!

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