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Maximillion Sunflower – 50 Seeds (helianthus maximiliani)

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Attract hummingbirds and other pollinators to your yard with sunflower that products tons of bright yellow blooms per plant!

You will receive 50 seeds that were collected in southern Minnesota.

These plants can grow 4-5 feet tall or can stay smaller if you prune back. Flowers are a delicate red tubular shape, perfect for feeding the pollinators!

– Bloom time: Late summer to fall

– Full sun is best, but will tolerate part sun.

– Perennial in Zones 3-9.

Also known as Prairie Sunflower, Perennial Sunflower, Wild Sunflower, Maximilian Daisy, and Maximilian’s Coneflower.

I’m a backyard gardener who keeps a butterfly/pollinator garden without use of chemicals. 🙂 contact me with any questions!

4 reviews for Maximillion Sunflower – 50 Seeds (helianthus maximiliani)

  1. Kay Nauertz

    The quality looks great.
    I’d like to have instructions along with the seeds such as do they need to be put in the fridge for a month

  2. Dennis Gross

    Gorgeous starter plant and professionally packaged

  3. joseph koscin

    the seeds arrived on time. i have not planted yet

  4. Kay Nauertz

    Seeds look great, I’ll order again in the future

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