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Mosaic Fountain handmade for garden art, water inside fountain, Moorish mosaic tile fountain large Mosaic Artwork

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Custom Blue Mosaic Fountain with circulating water from sink to handmade Engraved Brass Wall Mounted and falling back to sink creating a relaxing sound and you use flavored kind of water and get a pretty smell in the air. it fit perfectly for outdoor and indoor decoration, and you can move it easily with the help of wheels that are fixed under the fountain.

Mosaic Fountain is Handcrafted by Maallem (skilled artisans) Who have passion for what they do and who are able to use their expert skills and knowledge to create amazing art using Traditional Technique.

Order your customized Fountain and get help choosing the right one by a free simulation of your suggestions.

Feel free to contact me and get any help or information you need plus other collections.


➛Mosaic tiles (made from clay)




➛electric water pump

➛Fixed wheels (to move the fountain easily)

➛Brass engraved wall mounted spout


➛getting good quality clay

➛The clay is soaked in water till it is soft enough to be filtered by hand.

➛The square clay tiles then sundried in a totally natural way. (duration depends on weather condition)

➛They get flattened by hand into square shapes.

➛Coloring tiles by using the same old techniques of dip glazing (tradition way ensure that the paint coating is thick and resistant)

➛Placing tiles in natural wood fired kilns that let heat circulates unevenly giving slightly different tones of same color to each tile ( This imperfection makes Mosaic tiles uniquely beautiful)


➛select the tiles and draw the shape desired on the surface

âž›precisely cut the shapes with a sharp tool called “menkach” that looks like a combination of an axe and hammer.


➛Placing each piece by hand in an iron frame shaped as the fountain form with attached wheels to move it easily and Brass engraved mounted spout and an electric

water pump to let water circulate.

➛Resin applied to fixe all mosaic tiles (we use resin instead of cement to move it easily)

➛Last touch is cleaning the surface and polishing it


We promise a solid packaging and a free shipping service.

Contact me for customization, simulation or any information. 

4 reviews for Mosaic Fountain handmade for garden art, water inside fountain, Moorish mosaic tile fountain large Mosaic Artwork

  1. James Dykstra

    First sink arrived with a crack, after a brief communication issue (my fault), new sink was sent promptly. Both are beautiful, and I will update this review with photos once the project is complete.

  2. Liz Paige

    The tiles are beautiful and I can’t wait for them to be in our kitchen.

  3. Caroline

    This is an absolutely stunning fountain! The tile work is magnificent. It is a beautiful conversation piece and a great addition to the solarium in my home. I was kept informed of the shipping status from Morocco from the time the label was made to its arrival. This is an extremely professional company which has gorgeous handmade items for sale. I would recommend them to anyone!

  4. Graeme Seabrook

    Brilliant service. My previous table was broken by a tradie and I needed a replacement top ASAP. Yassine was amazing – he showed me options and despatched my chosen top within 24 hours. I was amazed how quickly it made the journey from Morocco to Australia.

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