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Outdoor Fountain, Completely Solar Powered, Beautiful Pink Sparkle Custom Hanging Bowl with Premium Solar Fountain

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Elevate your outdoor ambiance with our Hanging Solar Water Fountain, a versatile addition that adds both charm and functionality to your space. By day, it serves as an elegant birdbath with a custom pink sparkle finish. Crafted from commercial-grade polycarbonate. That’s the same material used for police riot shields. Safer and lighter than glass. It’s not only visually appealing but also exceptionally durable. The hanging wires are thoughtfully designed to maximize sun exposure while ensuring stability.

As the sun sets and the fountain losses sun it will shut down until it detects enough darkness and will then turn itself back on with lights. This fountain transforms into a captivating display with LED lights that cast a mesmerizing glow on the bubbling water. This enchanting nighttime spectacle creates a magical atmosphere for you to enjoy.

The premium solar fountain operates effortlessly and efficiently, thanks to its innovative design. No electrical wires or batteries are needed; it’s powered entirely by the sun’s renewable energy. Cleaning is a breeze with its smooth interior.

But this fountain isn’t just for your enjoyment; it’s designed with our feathered friends in mind. Birds are naturally drawn to the water action, making it a favored watering spot. The bubbling will keep the water fresher and cooler.

Versatile and captivating, this solar water feature is a unique addition to your patio, yard, or garden area. Simply hang it in a sunny spot, and let the synergy of nature take over, creating a serene and magical outdoor haven. Enjoy moments of relaxation and bird watching with this delightful addition to your outdoor decor.

Makes a fantastic gift for bird lovers.

5 reviews for Outdoor Fountain, Completely Solar Powered, Beautiful Pink Sparkle Custom Hanging Bowl with Premium Solar Fountain

  1. melody zellmann

    Thanks David. That is an awesome picture.

  2. Anna West

    I bought this as a present and she loved it.

  3. David Martin

    Great product. Dan [the owner] is a straight up guy. I recommend to anyone who care about birds

  4. Anonymous

    Absolutely beautiful! Thinking of buying more as gifts!

  5. chrisyo1965

    I Love this bird bath

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